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AA stands for - Astronomy and Astrophysics in Academic Degree

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What is AA Full Form in Hindi ?

The full form of AA in Hinid is खगोल विज्ञान और खगोल भौतिकी

All AA Full Form with category

Name Full Form Category
AA All Ages Film Censorship
AA Astronomy and Astrophysics Academic Degree
AA African- American Physiology
AA Alcoholics Anonymous Community
AA Amino Acid Physiology
AA American Airlines Transportation
AA African American Community
AA As Amended US Government
AA All Around Sports
AA Almost All Mathematics
AA African-American Physiology
AA Ann Arbor Local State
AA Acetic Acid Chemistry
AA All American Sports
AA An Agency US Government
AA Ask About Internet Slang
AA Affirmative Action Business
AA America's Army Military
AA Arachidonic Acid Chemistry
AA Application As Hospital
AA Administrative Assistant Military
AA Atomic Absorption Chemistry
AA Afar Regional 2 Letter LanguageCode
AA Academic Affairs University
AA Action Adventure Hobby
AA Associate of Arts Academic Degree
AA Anti-Aircraft Military
AA Academy Award Media
AA ASCII Art Computing
AA Air To Air Military
AA Activation Analysis Chemistry
AA Air Ambulance Military
AA Alzheimer's Association Non-Profit Organization
AA Aardman Animations Business Firm
AA Angle Angle Mathematics
AA Anti-Armor Military
AA American Arrogance Funny
AA Armored Assault Military
AA Attack Assessment Military
AA Atlantic Alliance US Government
AA Aquele Abraco Misc
AA Asian Avenue Community
AA Ancient Anguish Sports
AA Algorithmic Architecture Military
AA Arakan Army United Nations
AA Anti Aircraft Military
AA Ascorbic Acid Chemistry
AA acute appendicitis British Medicine
AA aplastic anaemia British Medicine
AA Attendance Allowance British Medicine
AA Auto Assault Military
AA Aluminum Association Professional Organizations
AA Alcoa Inc. NASDAQ Symbol
AA Acronym Abbreviation Funny
AA Awful Awful Funny
AA Absolutely Alright Funny
AA Americans Anonymous Funny
AA Airbus Always Funny
AA Assassins Anonymous Funny
AA Archaic Academy Funny
AA Alcoholics Arise Funny
AA Asociación Andar Organization
AA Access Air Organization
AA AchieveAbility Organization
AA Activote America Organization
AA Africa Action Organization
AA Africa Aid Organization
AA Alabama Arise Organization
AA Alliance for the Arts Organization
AA Amigos de last Americas Organization
AA Angels' Arms Organization
AA Aquatic Adventures Organization
AA Audubon Alaska Organization
AA Augustana Academy Organization
AA Avoda Arts Organization
AA ActionAid Organization
AA After Adoption Organization
AA Aid2Africa.co.uk Organization
AA Asylum Aid Organization
AA Arts Access Organization
AA Association of Acrobats Organization
AA Angeles que Aguardan Organization
AA Awaiting Angels Organization
AA Asociación Apurva Organization
AA Afrique Avenir Organization
AA Air Afrique Organization
AA achieved availability Government
AA arrival angle Government
AA avenue of approach Government
AA assembly area, Government
AA Active Army Government
AA antiaircraft Government
AA air-to-air Government
AA access authorization Government
AA arithmetic average Government
AA armature accelerator Government
AA auto answer Government
AA affirmative action committee Government
AA Acquisition Activity Government
AA advance agreement Government
AA aircraft availability Government
AA analysis of alternatives Government
AA Asha Alok Organization
AA Aid-4-Africa Organization
AA Aegee Ankara Organization
AA Arabian Automobile company Organization
AA Arms Acres Medical
AA Alzheimer's Australia Medical
AA Araujo , Antonio Medical
AA Anti-Aliasing Information Technology
AA Associate In Arts Educational Degree
AA Agile Access Telecommunication
AA ATARIA Indian Railway Station
AA Advanced Alloy Chemistry
AA Amino Acrylate Chemistry
AA Active Active Electronics
AA Automatic Adjust Electronics
AA Anti Aliasing Electronics
AA Audio Animatronics Electronics
AA Agricultural Assistant Banking
AA Active Page Accounts and Finance
AA Astronomical Applications Space Science
AA Adverse Action Space Science
AA Antenna Assembly Space Science
AA Administrative Assistants Job Title
AA Anesthesiologist Assistant Job Title
AA Accounting Assistant Job Title
AA Accredited Appraiser Job Title
AA Accountant-administratieconsulent (netherlands) Country Specific
AA Acquired Attributes Computer Assembly Language
AA Amd Athlon Processor Computer Hardware
AA Amd Assured Computer Hardware
AA Argument Analysis Maths
AA Adaptive Algorithm Maths
AA Alcohol Abuse Disease
AA Against Actuals Stock Exchange
AA Average Attendance Sports
AA Assembly Area Military and Defence
AA Abbreviated Analysis Military and Defence
AA Affordability Analysis Military and Defence
AA Armored Ambulance Military and Defence
AA Allied Affairs Military and Defence
AA Appointing Authority Military and Defence
AA Aptitude Area Military and Defence
AA Automatic Answer Military and Defence
AA Accreditation Authority Military and Defence
AA Always Aground Military and Defence
AA Armor Attachment Military and Defence
AA Anchor Assembly Military and Defence
AA Always Available Military and Defence
AA Assessment Agent Military and Defence
AA Army Act Military and Defence

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