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ABP stands for - Aegean Blue Pearl

There may be one or more meaning of ABP , so check all meanings of ABP in the ABP data table all one by one.

What is ABP Full Form in Hindi ?

The full form of ABP in Hinid is एजियन ब्लू पर्ल

All ABP Full Form with category

NameFull FormCategory
ABPAegean Blue PearlInternational Business
ABPAnanda Bazar PatrikaOther
ABPAir Battle PlanMilitary and Defence
ABPActive Back PanelComputer Networking
ABPActin Bundling ProteinMedical
ABPAssociated British PortsOther
ABPAKBARPURIndian Railway Station
ABPAnand Bazar PatrikaHindi News Channel
ABPAlready Been PostedInternet Slang
ABPAgricultural By ProductFarming
ABPAmerican Board of PeriodontologyBritish Medicine
ABPandrogen binding proteinBritish Medicine
ABPAction for Blind PeopleOrganization
ABPactin-binding proteinBritish Medicine
ABPAbductor Pollis BrevisPhysiology
ABPAbraxas Petroleum CorporationNYSE Symbol
ABPAdBlock PlusComputer Security
ABPantibiotic prophylaxisBritish Medicine
ABPAmerican Board of ProsthodonticsBritish Medicine
ABPAnandabazar PatrikaMedia

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