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ACD stands for - Automatic Call Delivery in Telecom

There may be one or more meaning of ACD , so check all meanings of ACD in the ACD data table all one by one.

What is ACD Full Form in Hindi ?

The full form of ACD in Hinid is स्वचालित कॉल डिलीवरी

All ACD Full Form with category

NameFull FormCategory
ACDAutomatic Call DeliveryTelecom
ACDAuto-regressive Conditional DurationPhysics
ACDAAMVET Code DictionaryUS Government
ACDAutomatic Call DistributionTelecom
ACDApple Cinema DisplayHardware
ACDAvailable Chemicals DirectoryChemistry
ACDActive Center DifferentialUniversity
ACDAir Constrained DampeningPhysics
ACDAnterior Chest DiameterPhysiology
ACDAutomated Configuration DocumentationComputer Software
ACDAutomatic Call DistributorTelecom
ACDArt Creative DesignerBusiness Position
ACDAdvanced Chemistry DevelopmentOther
ACDAutomatic Call DeterminationTelecom
ACDAverage Call DurationOther
ACDapoptotic cell deathBritish Medicine
ACDApex Collaborative DialingTelecommunication
ACDairlift communications divisionGovernment
ACDalveolar capillary dysplasiaBritish Medicine
ACDactinomycin DBritish Medicine
ACDAssociation for Children with Down syndromeOrganization
ACDadministrative control deskGovernment
ACDAuthorized Corporate DirectorBusiness Position
ACDAsociación Cristiana de DirigentesSpanish
ACDadministrative commitment documentGovernment
ACDResearch and Development ServiceGovernment
ACDautomated call distributionBritish Medicine
ACDallergic contact dermatitisOrganization
ACDAge Concern DurhamChemistry
ACDAtmospheric Chemistry DivisionOrganization
ACDAssistance for Community DevelopmentOrganization
ACDAfrican Charity DriveOrganization
ACDAction Charité et DéveloppementOther
ACDAdjournment in contemplation of dismissalOther
ACDautomated call distributionAirport Code
ACDAgent of Communication and DevelopmentBusiness
ACDAutomatically Catalogues and DeliversPhysiology
ACDassistant command directorMilitary
ACDAngular Canopy DensityOrganization
ACDAustralasian College of DermatologistsChemistry

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Q ) What is the full form of ACD in Hindi?

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