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ACD stands for - Automatic Call Distributor

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What is ACD Full Form in Hindi ?

The full form of ACD in Hinid is स्वचालित कॉल वितरक

ACD full form is Automatic Call Distributor. (ACD) is a piece of equipment that “distributes” incoming telephone calls to different destinations, such as different people answering the phone, lines, or departments.

The ACD is the main system phone number for a business. The automated call distribution feature of the ACD allows employees to take incoming calls and direct them to the appropriate department.

What is ACD?

Many businesses are now relying on technology to make things run smoothly. One type of technology that is used in many different types of organizations is the ACD, which stands for Automatic Call Distributor.

This piece of equipment does basically what its name would suggest; it distributes calls. It’s great for keeping employees on task and working efficiently because it keeps track of which employees are currently free to answer calls.


The ACD is an automated network that connects calls to the appropriate department, depending on the number that was dialed.

The system can be useful for managing large amounts of callers who are trying to reach a company’s customer service.

The ACD takes numbers from leads, which are numbers or phrases entered into a phone keypad in order to contact, for example, emergency service centers.


A common problem in call centers is the queue, when one customer speaks to a representative, another customer loses their place in the queue. An ACD Full Form is a tool that can help eliminate call queues and answer calls automatically without an operator.

The tool requires a skilled programmer and experienced voice-over artist to make it work correctly.

All ACD Full Form with category

Name Full Form Category
ACD Australian Cattle Dog Veterinary
ACD Automatic Call Delivery Telecom
ACD Auto-regressive Conditional Duration Physics
ACD AAMVET Code Dictionary US Government
ACD Automatic Call Distribution Telecom
ACD Apple Cinema Display Hardware
ACD Available Chemicals Directory Chemistry
ACD Active Center Differential University
ACD Air Constrained Dampening Physics
ACD Anterior Chest Diameter Physiology
ACD Automated Configuration Documentation Computer Software
ACD Automatic Call Distributor Telecom
ACD Art Creative Designer Business Position
ACD Advanced Chemistry Development Other
ACD Automatic Call Determination Telecom
ACD Average Call Duration Other
ACD apoptotic cell death British Medicine
ACD Apex Collaborative Dialing Telecommunication
ACD airlift communications division Government
ACD alveolar capillary dysplasia British Medicine
ACD actinomycin D British Medicine
ACD Association for Children with Down syndrome Organization
ACD administrative control desk Government
ACD Authorized Corporate Director Business Position
ACD Asociación Cristiana de Dirigentes Spanish
ACD administrative commitment document Government
ACD Engineering, Research and Development Service Transportation
ACD automated call distribution Government
ACD allergic contact dermatitis British Medicine
ACD Age Concern Durham Organization
ACD Atmospheric Chemistry Division Chemistry
ACD Assistance for Community Development Organization
ACD African Charity Drive Organization
ACD Action Charité et Développement Organization
ACD Adjournment in contemplation of dismissal Other
ACD automated call distribution Other
ACD Acandi Airport Code
ACD Agent of Communication and Development Organization
ACD Automatically Catalogues and Delivers Business
ACD Acid-citrate-dextrose Physiology
ACD assistant command director Government
ACD Angular Canopy Density Military
ACD Australasian College of Dermatologists Organization
ACD Advanced Chemistry Development Chemistry

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