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AD stands for - Active Directory in IT

There may be one or more meaning of AD , so check all meanings of AD in the AD data table all one by one.

What is AD Full Form in Hindi ?

The full form of AD in Hinid is सक्रिय निर्देशिका

All AD Full Form with category

NameFull FormCategory
ADAerodromeAircraft and Aviation
ADdestroyer tenderGovernment
ADUp to ....Misc
ADair divisionGovernment
ADAdvanced DeployabilityMilitary and Defence
ADAttack DamageSports
ADAttention DeficitPhysiology
ADAltersheim am DorfplatzMedical
ADAfter DeathPhysiology
ADAction for DisabilityOrganization
ADAdvanced DevelopmentMilitary
ADantigenic determinantBritish Medicine
ADAgility DogPertaining to Dogs
ADAir DriedReligious
ADAnd Do ....Texting
ADAlways DemandingJob Title
ADApplications DevelopmentSoftwares
ADAdd-onMilitary and Defence
ADAmerican DogPertaining to Dogs
ADabsolute deviationGovernment
ADAcademic DecathlonSpanish
ADAsamblea DemocráticaBritish Medicine
ADAutonomous DrivingJob Title
ADAdvertising DirectorBritish Medicine
ADautistic disorderBritish Medicine
ADadriamycinBritish Medicine
ADadvance directiveBritish Medicine
ADautonomic dysreflexiaAcademic Degree
ADAssociate DegreeMilitary
ADActive DutyBritish Medicine
ADactinomycin DGovernment
ADampere demand meterBritish Medicine
ADamiodaroneMilitary and Defence
ADAutomatic DistributionBritish Medicine
ADAlzheimer's DiseaseBritish Medicine
ADAddison’s diseaseInternet Slang
ADAwesome DudeBritish Medicine
ADAlzheimer’s diseaseBritish Medicine
ADanterior deltoidSpace Science
ADAttachment DeviceBritish Medicine
ADalveolar ductBusiness Position
ADArt DirectorArchitecture
ADArchitectural DigestFile Type
ADAfterdark ScreensaverReligious
ADAnno DominiJob Title
ADAlways DependableJob Title
ADAcronym DirectorGuatemalan
ADAcción DemocráticaBritish Medicine
ADaffective disorderBritish Medicine
ADanaerobic digestionSports
ADAuto DuelerMilitary and Defence
ADActive DirectoryBritish Medicine
ADanxiety disorderGovernment
ADair directiveBusiness Position
ADAll DayBritish Medicine
ADautonomic dysfunctionMilitary and Defence
ADArmy DepartmentUS Government
ADAnti DumpingAcedemic & Science
ADArchitectural DesignGovernment
ADarmament divisionMedical
ADAlzheimers DiseaseAccounts and Finance
ADAccumulated DepreciationMilitary
ADArmored DivisionMilitary and Defence
ADAstia (armed Services Technical Information Agency) DocumentOcean Science
ADAviation DivisionComputer Software
ADApplication DevelopmentBritish Medicine
ADadultMilitary and Defence
ADArtillery DepotMeteorology
ADAnomalous DispersionGovernment
ADaccidental damageSpace Science
ADActive DeviceIndian Railway Station
ADADONIBritish Medicine
ADautosomal dominantBritish Medicine
ADacute dysenteryBritish Medicine
ADatopic dermatitisFBI File
ADAssistant DirectorBritish Medicine
ADadjustment disorderPhysiology
ADRight EarGovernment
ADairdropBritish Medicine
ADautoimmune diseaseFunny
ADAthletic DictatorMilitary
ADAssociate DirectorSoftwares
ADAdaptive DitherMilitary and Defence
ADAdmission and Disposition (report)Business
ADAggregate DemandComputer Hardware
ADAnalog DiscMathematics
ADAverage DifferenceBusiness Position
ADAssistant DeputyFood
ADAfter DinnerBritish Medicine
ADantidepressant drugInformation Technology
ADAdministrative DomainBritish Medicine
ADaortic dissectionBanking
ADAcknowledgement of DebtMilitary and Defence
ADAfter A DateGovernment
ADadvanced designGovernment
ADadvanced deployability postureUSPS
ADAndorraBritish Medicine
ADalcohol dehydrogenaseMilitary
ADAir DefenseManufacturing
ADAirworthiness DirectiveChemistry
ADAcid DetectingFunny
ADAlliance for DevelopmentSpace Science
ADAperture DoorNASA

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