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AD stands for - Active Directory in IT

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What is AD Full Form in Hindi ?

The full form of AD in Hinid is सक्रिय निर्देशिका

All AD Full Form with category

Name Full Form Category
AD Aerodrome Aircraft and Aviation
AD destroyer tender Government
AD Up to .... Misc
AD Advertisement Business
AD air division Government
AD Advanced Deployability Military and Defence
AD Attack Damage Sports
AD Attention Deficit Physiology
AD Altersheim am Dorfplatz Medical
AD After Death Physiology
AD Action for Disability Organization
AD Advanced Development Military
AD antigenic determinant British Medicine
AD Agility Dog Pertaining to Dogs
AD Air Dried Religious
AD And Do .... Texting
AD Always Demanding Job Title
AD Applications Development Softwares
AD Add-on Military and Defence
AD American Dog Pertaining to Dogs
AD absolute deviation Government
AD Academic Decathlon Spanish
AD Asamblea Democrática British Medicine
AD addict Messaging
AD Autonomous Driving Job Title
AD Advertising Director British Medicine
AD autistic disorder British Medicine
AD adriamycin British Medicine
AD advance directive British Medicine
AD autonomic dysreflexia Academic Degree
AD Associate Degree Military
AD Active Duty British Medicine
AD actinomycin D Government
AD ampere demand meter British Medicine
AD amiodarone Military and Defence
AD Automatic Distribution British Medicine
AD androstenedione Physiology
AD Adenovirus Physiology
AD Alzheimer's Disease British Medicine
AD Addison’s disease Internet Slang
AD Awesome Dude British Medicine
AD Alzheimer’s disease British Medicine
AD anterior deltoid Space Science
AD Attachment Device British Medicine
AD alveolar duct Business Position
AD Art Director Architecture
AD Architectural Digest File Type
AD Afterdark Screensaver Religious
AD Anno Domini Job Title
AD Always Dependable Job Title
AD Acronym Director Guatemalan
AD Acción Democrática British Medicine
AD affective disorder British Medicine
AD anaerobic digestion Sports
AD Auto Dueler Military and Defence
AD Active Directory British Medicine
AD anxiety disorder Government
AD air directive Business Position
AD All Day British Medicine
AD autonomic dysfunction Military and Defence
AD Army Department US Government
AD Anti Dumping Acedemic & Science
AD Architectural Design Government
AD armament division Medical
AD Alzheimers Disease Accounts and Finance
AD Accumulated Depreciation Military
AD Armored Division Military and Defence
AD Astia (armed Services Technical Information Agency) Document Ocean Science
AD Aviation Division Computer Software
AD Application Development British Medicine
AD adult Military and Defence
AD Artillery Depot Meteorology
AD Anomalous Dispersion Government
AD accidental damage Space Science
AD Active Device Indian Railway Station
AD ADONI British Medicine
AD autosomal dominant British Medicine
AD acute dysentery British Medicine
AD atopic dermatitis FBI File
AD Assistant Director British Medicine
AD adjustment disorder Physiology
AD Right Ear Government
AD airdrop British Medicine
AD autoimmune disease Funny
AD Athletic Dictator Military
AD Associate Director Softwares
AD Adaptive Dither Military and Defence
AD Admission and Disposition (report) Business
AD Aggregate Demand Computer Hardware
AD Analog Disc Mathematics
AD Average Difference Business Position
AD Assistant Deputy Food
AD After Dinner British Medicine
AD antidepressant drug Information Technology
AD Administrative Domain British Medicine
AD aortic dissection Banking
AD Acknowledgement of Debt Military and Defence
AD After A Date Government
AD analog/digital Government
AD advanced design Government
AD advanced deployability posture USPS
AD Andorra British Medicine
AD alcohol dehydrogenase Military
AD Air Defense Manufacturing
AD Airworthiness Directive Chemistry
AD Acid Detecting Funny
AD Anti-Dumb Organization
AD Alliance for Development Space Science
AD Aperture Door NASA

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