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ADF stands for - Average Daily Flow in Ocean Science

There may be one or more meaning of ADF , so check all meanings of ADF in the ADF data table all one by one.

What is ADF Full Form in Hindi ?

The full form of ADF in Hinid is औसत दैनिक प्रवाह

All ADF Full Form with category

Name Full Form Category
ADF Andorran Franc Currency
ADF Average Daily Flow Ocean Science
ADF Australian Defence Force Military
ADF Alliance Defense Fund Non-Profit Organization
ADF Actin Depolymerizing Factor Human Genome
ADF Acid Detergent Fibre Chemistry
ADF Automatic Direction Finder Transportation
ADF Allied Democratic Forces US Government
ADF Automatically Defined Function Computer Assembly
ADF Application Dedicated File Telecom
ADF Administration configuration file File Extension
ADF Application Dependent Format Military
ADF Application Full Form Format File Extension
ADF Allocation and Distribution of Fires Military
ADF Advance Data Format Computing
ADF Automatic Document Feeder Military
ADF Application Development Framework Computer Software
ADF Australian Defense Force Military
ADF African Dwarf Frog Veterinary
ADF African Development Fund Organization
ADF Alternate Delivery Format Hardware
ADF airborne direction finder Government
ADF Assisi Development Foundation Organization
ADF Augmented Dicky Fuller Banking
ADF Australian Drug Foundation Other
ADF Amiga Disk File File Extension
ADF A Druid Fellowship Religious
ADF Alliance Defending Freedom Other
ADF Army Description File Military
ADF Acid Digestible Fiber Plasctic
ADF Application Full Form File Softwares
ADF Australian Defence Forces Australian
ADF American Dance Festival Other
ADF Administrator's Discretionary Fund Ocean Science
ADF Allied Demolition Force Military
ADF Adiyaman Airport Code
ADF Amiga Disc Format Computing
ADF Advanced Development Facility Ocean Science
ADF America's Development Foundation Organization
ADF Automation Direction Finder Military
ADF ADINA Indian Railway Station
ADF Acid Detergent Fiber Chemistry
ADF Air Diffuser Space Science
ADF automatic direction finding Government
ADF Absolutely Daft Fool Internet Slang
ADF African Development Foundation Organization
ADF Array Description File Database Management
ADF Augmented Dickey-fuller Maths
ADF Amsterdam Density Functional Chemistry
ADF Amplitude-dependent Function Maths
ADF Arc Data Files Database Management
ADF Advanced Data Format Database Management
ADF Amplitude-dependent Friction Physics Related
ADF Average Dumb Fan Sports

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Q ) What is the full form of ADF in Hindi?

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