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ADR stands for - Automatic Dialogue Replacement

There may be one or more meaning of ADR , so check all meanings of ADR in the ADR data table all one by one.

What is ADR Full Form in Hindi ?

The full form of ADR in Hinid is स्वत: संवाद प्रतिस्थापन

All ADR Full Form with category

Name Full Form Category
ADR Automatic Dialogue Replacement Media
ADR aircraft damage repair Government
ADR Another Driver Retires Funny
ADR Another Dented Rim Funny
ADR applied data research Government
ADR Ain't Doin' Right Amateur Radio
ADR Additional Dialog Recording File Type
ADR Afterdark Randomizer Screensaver British Medicine
ADR adriamycin Computer Software
ADR Australian Design Rules Transportation
ADR Automated Demand Resolution Internet Slang
ADR Ain't Doing Right Accounting
ADR Asset Depreciation Range Stock Exchange
ADR Annual Dividend Ratio Community
ADR Appropriate Dispute Resolution Electronics
ADR Aperture Direct Readout Government
ADR address Military and Defence
ADR Armament Delivery Recording Electronics
ADR Audio Digital Recording Maths
ADR Asymmetrical Double Rectangle Softwares
ADR Advanced Digital Recording Accounts and Finance
ADR Accounting Department Revenue Business
ADR American Depository Receipt Internet Slang
ADR Any Day Really Electronics
ADR Audio Dialog Replacement Electronics
ADR Automatic Dialog Recording Law
ADR Alternative Dispute Resolution Media
ADR Additional Dialogue Replacement Physics Related
ADR Automatic Device Replacement British Medicine
ADR artificial disc replacement Banking
ADR Asset Development Reserve Government
ADR airbase damage repair Government
ADR accident data recorder Airport Code
ADR Andrews (sc) Electronics
ADR Advanced Digital Recorder Accounting
ADR Average Daily Rate Laboratory
ADR Animal Drug Request Military
ADR Automatic Data Relay Government
ADR aircraft direction room File Type
ADR Opera Browser Bookmark - Extension Religious
ADR Army Of Divine Rights Government
ADR accelerated delivery request Physiology
ADR Adverse Drug Reaction Stock Exchange
ADR American Depositary Receipt Business
ADR Administrative Dispute Resolution Law
ADR Amicable Dispute Resolution Media
ADR Audio Dialogue Replacement Government

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