What is the Full Form of ADS? - ADS Full Form

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ADS stands for - Advantage Database Server in science and technology

There may be one or more meaning of ADS , so check all meanings of ADS in the ADS data table all one by one.

What is ADS Full Form in Hindi ?

The full form of ADS in Hinid is एडवांटेज डेटाबेस सर्वर

All ADS Full Form with category

NameFull FormCategory
ADSAgent Distributor ServiceInternational Business
ADSAmerican Depository ShareInternational Business
ADSAmerican Daffodil SocietyCommunity
ADSActive Directory ServicesComputing
ADSAutomatic Dependent SurveillanceTransportation
ADSAir Defense SystemsMilitary
ADSAlternate Data StreamsComputing
ADSApplication Development SystemComputer Software
ADSAlternative Depreciation SystemAccounting
ADSAutomated Data SystemMilitary
ADSAll Day SicknessPhysiology
ADSAutocad Development SystemComputer Software
ADSAntibody Deficiency SyndromePhysiology
ADSAir Defence ShipShip Types
ADSAdvanced Distribution SystemMilitary
ADSAnalytic Data SetComputer Software
ADSApplication Development SoftwareMilitary
ADSAutomated Deployment ServicesComputer Driver
ADSAdvertisement And Discovery Of ServicesBusiness
ADSadvanced digital switchGovernment
ADSAging and Disabilities ServicesPolice
ADSactivity data sheetGovernment
ADSaerial delivery systemGovernment
ADSAdaptive Diagnostics SystemMilitary
ADSAmerican Dialect SocietyOther
ADSAdvanced Design SystemOther
ADSAstrophysics Data SystemAstronomy
ADSAdvanced Distributed SimulationMilitary
ADSAlliance Data Systems CorporationNASDAQ Symbol
ADSAccion de Desarrollo SocialOrganization
ADSair defense sectorBusiness
ADSAccount Development StrategiesFile Extension
ADSAda Package SpecificationGovernment
ADSadvanced deployable systemUniversity
ADSAcademic Distribution ServicesGovernment
ADSautomatic distribution systemGovernment
ADSautomatic decompression systemPhysiology
ADSAttention Deficit SyndromeSpace Science
ADSAttitude Determination SystemGovernment
ADSair data systemAccounts and Finance
ADSAverage Dollar SaleGovernment
ADSapplication development solutionsSoftwares
ADSArm Developer SuiteGovernment
ADSArtwork Delivery SystemGovernment
ADSautomatic door sealHealthcare
ADSAlternative Delivery SystemGovernment
ADSaccurately defined systemSports
ADSAlmost Dry SuitGovernment
ADSair defense suppressionMilitary and Defence
ADSArmy Defence StudiesGovernment
ADSautomation of design for supportabilityGovernment
ADSadvanced display systemMilitary and Defence
ADSAttack Defend SupportOrganization
ADSAitken Double StarsBanking
ADSAsia Dialogue SocietyComputer and Networking
ADSAuthorised DealersMilitary and Defence
ADSAsynchronous DataElectronics
ADSAmphibian Discharge SiteGovernment
ADSAmplifier Design ServiceJob Title
ADSautomatic data systemSports
ADSAssociate Development SchemeAirport Code
ADSAutomatic Dice ServerMaths
ADSDallasPhysics Related
ADSAddison (tx)Stock Exchange
ADSAlmost Difference SetsMilitary and Defence
ADSAutomated Dynamic ShearSoftwares
ADSAmerican Depositary ShareMilitary and Defence

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