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AGM stands for - Assistant General Manager

There may be one or more meaning of AGM , so check all meanings of AGM in the AGM data table all one by one.

What is AGM Full Form in Hindi ?

The full form of AGM in Hinid is सहायक महाप्रबंधक

All AGM Full Form with category

Name Full Form Category
AGM Assistant General Manager Business Position
AGM Advanced Graphics Module Computer Software
AGM Apollo Global Management Other
AGM Alt Good Morning Internet Slang
AGM Auckland Glass Manufacturers Business Firm
AGM Arithmetic Geometric Mean Maths
AGM Air Ground Missile Military
AGM Arithmetic Geometric Mathquest Computer Software
AGM Absorbed Glass Mat Business Product
AGM Annual General Meeting International Business
AGM AGARAM SIBBANDI Indian Railway Station
AGM Air To Ground Missile Military
AGM Adjusted Gross Margin Accounts and Finance
AGM missile range instrumentation ship Government
AGM Award of Garden Merit Other
AGM Angel Goddess Ministry Organization
AGM Assistant Game Master Computer Software
AGM Achievement Generation Methodology Business
AGM airtoground missile Government
AGM Answers in Genesis Ministries Non-Profit Organization
AGM Adi GeçEn Makale Turkish
AGM Australian Glass Manufacturers Business Firm
AGM African green monkey British Medicine
AGM Another Gobby Mike Media
AGM Federal Agricultural Mortgage Corporation NASDAQ Symbol
AGM Assistant Game Manager Business Position
AGM Allegro Global Marketing Business Firm
AGM Allsource Global Management Business Management
AGM Anime Games Movies Computing
AGM Academia General Militar Spanish
AGM Tasiilaq Airport Code
AGM Federal Agricultural Marketing Corporation NYSE Symbol

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