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AIS stands for - Andean Integration System in Organization

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What is AIS Full Form in Hindi ?

The full form of AIS in Hinid is एंडियन इंटीग्रेशन सिस्टम

All AIS Full Form with category

Name Full Form Category
AIS Analog-in Single-ended Space Science
AIS Andean Integration System Organization
AIS Australian Institute of Sport Sports
AIS Automated Information System Military
AIS AUTODIN Information System Government
AIS Add Immediate To Stack Pointer Computer Assembly Language
AIS active interference suppression Government
AIS Application Integration Suite Networking
AIS Alarm Indication Signal Telecom
AIS action information system Government
AIS Artificial Intelligence System Hardware
AIS Adhesive Interconnect System Electronics
AIS automated intelligence system Government
AIS Association for Information Systems Non-Profit Organization
AIS advanced instructional system Government
AIS Arorae Island airport Regional Airport Code
AIS Air Injection System Space Science
AIS Ain't It Strange Internet Slang
AIS Action Item Sheet Space Science
AIS Adversary Information System Military and Defence
AIS Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome Physiology
AIS Airlock Illumination Subassembly Space Science
AIS Alternative Internet System Softwares
AIS avionics integrated support Government
AIS Audio Intercommunications System Military and Defence
AIS Accounting Information Systems Accounting
AIS Ain't It Sweet Internet Slang
AIS Airborne Intelligence System Military and Defence
AIS Army Information System Military and Defence
AIS Automated Identification System Government
AIS Adn Interface Simulator Military and Defence
AIS Academic Intervention Services University
AIS advanced indication system Government
AIS Accountable Instruction System Military and Defence
AIS avionics intermediate shop Government
AIS Automatic Identification System Military
AIS Axon, Innovacio Social Organization
AIS Automated Information Security NASA
AIS avionics intermediate supporter station Government
AIS Air Intelligence System Government
AIS Administrative Information Services Business Position
AIS Array of Intensity Samples Graphics File File Type
AIS Albanian Institute of Science Organization
AIS Automated Inspection System Space Science
AIS Association of International Studies Organization
AIS Abyssmally Inferior Spellers Internet Slang
AIS Abbreviated Injury Scale Hospital
AIS Active Isolated Stretching Sports
AIS Atlantic Information Services, Inc. Business Firm
AIS Accounting Information System Accounting
AIS Aeronautical Information Service Aircraft and Aviation
AIS Autonomous Intelligence Submunition Military and Defence
AIS Artificial Immune System Physiology
AIS Automated Information Systems Computing
AIS Acdsee Image Sequence File File Type
AIS AFWAL Information System Government
AIS androgen-insensitivity syndrome British Medicine
AIS Arorae Island Airport Code
AIS Ascii Individual Stream Computer Assembly Language
AIS Automatic Illumination Selection Softwares
AIS Associazione Italiana degli Slavisti Organization
AIS anterior interosseous nerve syndrome British Medicine
AIS Addressco Information Systems Organization

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