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ALC stands for - Adelphi Lab Center

There may be one or more meaning of ALC , so check all meanings of ALC in the ALC data table all one by one.

What is ALC Full Form in Hindi ?

The full form of ALC in Hinid is एडेल्फी लैब सेंटर

All ALC Full Form with category

Name Full Form Category
ALC Adelphi Lab Center Military and Defence
ALC Alice Lloyd College Educational Institute
ALC Atwell's Lawrence Charity Organization
ALC Alicante Regional Airport Code
ALC Spain Other
ALC Australian Logistics Council Government
ALC automatic load control Government
ALC accounting legend code Military
ALC Air Logistics Center Other
ALC Acetyl L Carnitine Military and Defence
ALC Area Logistics Command Organization
ALC American Land Conservancy Law
ALC Asian Law Caucus Military
ALC Advanced Land Combat Telecommunication
ALC Automatic Line Controller Medical
ALC Avera Lakefield Clinic Space Science
ALC Audio Load Compensator Space Science
ALC Aft Load Controller Space Science
ALC Augmented Landing Site US Government
ALC Agency Location Code Non-Profit Organization
ALC Americans for Libraries Council Government
ALC arithmetic and logic circuits Government
ALC Army Logistic Center Government
ALC automatic level control Government
ALC Air Logistics Command Other
ALC Alternative Learning Center Government
ALC aircrew laptop computer British Medicine
ALC alcoholic liver cirrhosis Government
ALC Ascension Lutheran Church Education
ALC assured logistics communications Other
ALC Area Learning Center Organization
ALC Australian Lutheran College Military and Defence
ALC African Language Center Religious
ALC Army Logistics Center Non-Profit Organization
ALC American Lutheran Church Electronics
ALC Annual Legislative Conference Organization
ALC Audio Limiter Control Airport Code
ALC Associazione Laura Coviello British Medicine
ALC Alicante Business Position
ALC alcohol Medical
ALC Accredited Land Consultant Regional Airport Code
ALC Avera Longevity Clinic Government
ALC Alicante airport Government
ALC American language course Misc
ALC Autodial Level Converter Organization
ALC Alcove Space Science
ALC Arid Lands Coalition Organization
ALC Automatic Light Control Government
ALC Africana Librarians Council Military and Defence

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