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ATS stands for - Arteriosclerosis

There may be one or more meaning of ATS , so check all meanings of ATS in the ATS data table all one by one.

What is ATS Full Form in Hindi ?

The full form of ATS in Hinid is धमनी

All ATS Full Form with category

NameFull FormCategory
ATSAutomated Tasking SystemGovernment
ATSApple terminal servicesGovernment
ATSApplication Technology SatelliteOcean Science
ATSairmanship training squadronGovernment
ATSAustralian Technology ShowcaseBusiness
ATSATTABIRAIndian Railway Station
ATSAutomatic Train SupervisionTransportation
ATSAutomatic Transfer SwitchAmateur Radio
ATSAnalytic Trouble ShootingLaw
ATSAir Traffic ServicesTransportation
ATSAt Title ScreenComputer Assembly Language
ATSAviation Technical ServicesTransportation
ATSAir Traffic ServiceMilitary
ATSAnti-terrorist SquadMilitary and Defence
ATSApplicant Tracking SystemUniversity
ATSantenna test stationGovernment
ATSsalvage and rescue shipGovernment
ATSApple Type ServicesComputer Software
ATSArtesia (nm)Airport Code
ATSautomatic test systemGovernment
ATSadvanced tactical supportGovernment
ATSASW Training Target SystemMilitary and Defence
ATSAcross The ScopeBusiness
ATSAlternative Trading SystemsGovernment
ATSadvanced training systemTechnology
ATSAdvanced Technology ServicesOrganization
ATSAtaxia Telangiectasia SocietyMilitary and Defence
ATSAnnual Training SiteMilitary and Defence
ATSAirborne Tactical SigintBusiness
ATSAngel The SeriesGovernment
ATSadvanced technology satelliteVeterinary
ATSAmerican Tarantula SocietySports
ATSAgainst The SpreadPolice Force
ATSAnti Terrorism SquadTransportation
ATSAmerican Travel SurveyComputer and Networking
ATSAssigned Time SlotOther
ATSAssociation of Theological SchoolsBusiness
ATSAutomated Trading SystemComputer Networking
ATSAsynchronous Time SharingGovernment
ATSavionics test stationComputer and Networking
ATSAbstract Test SuiteGovernment
ATSaircrew training systemGovernment
ATSASAS Training SystemGovernment
ATSadministrative terminal systemElectronics
ATSAbsolute Time SequenceMilitary and Defence
ATSAssign Terminal ServiceOther
ATSAutomate The SchoolsTechnology
ATSAssociation Technology SolutionsMilitary and Defence
ATSAdvanced Tracking SensorGovernment
ATSautomated terminal systemStock Exchange
ATSAlternative Trading SystemNYSE Symbol
ATSA P T Satellite HoldingsGovernment

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