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AWACS stands for - Airborne Warning and Control System

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What is AWACS Full Form in Hindi ?

The full form of AWACS in Hinid is हवाई चेतावनी और नियंत्रण प्रणाली

AWACS Full Form

In the early days of aviation, pilots needed to focus on the necessary tasks of flying the plane. Modern day aircrafts have a lot of sophisticated equipment installed within them, which make it much easier for a pilot to control their plane. One major technology advancement is the Airborne Warning and Control System (AWACS). The AWACS system has been around since 1966.

AWACS is an airborne radar system which detects, identifies, tracks, and classifies aircrafts in the sky. Currently AWACS provides three-dimensional surveillance coverage over a wide area.

The primary purpose of AWACS is to monitor friendly airspace for incoming aircrafts to make sure that they are not hostile. There are two types of AWACS: ground-based and airborne.

Responsibilities of AWACS full form?

The acronym AWACS stands for Airborne Warning And Control System. It is an airborne system that provides surveillance, reconnaissance, command and control, battle management, and strike operations.

The responsibilities of an AWACS are to detect enemies with the help of radar in order to provide information about their location in the air or on the ground. This helps in deciding how best to respond to the enemies with either military action or by changing tactics.

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AWACS full form is ( Airborne Warning and Control System ) a project originally created by the United States to provide surveillance, identification, and control of airspace for military or commercial purposes.

The system was created during the 1960s.

as a result of threats from Soviet fighter planes, which were superior to American counterparts at that time. AWACS has been operational since the 1970’s. The first successful tests were conducted in 1974 after 3 years of development.

Importance of AWACS.

Airborne Warning and Control System is a critical component of the military. as it gives commanders an aerial perspective of the battlefield. The system, as well as adding to the safety of those who fly aboard it, also provides a much safer environment for those on the ground below.

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