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BCG stands for - Birth Control Glasses

There may be one or more meaning of BCG , so check all meanings of BCG in the BCG data table all one by one.

What is BCG Full Form in Hindi ?

The full form of BCG in Hinid is जन्म नियंत्रण चश्मा

All BCG Full Form with category

NameFull FormCategory
BCGBirth Control GlassesFunny
BCGBacillus Calmette-GuerinHospital
BCGVerem AsisiTurkish
BCGBacillus Of Calmette And GuerinLaboratory
BCGBlue Compact GalaxyAstronomy
BCGBig Coupe GroupBusiness Firm
BCGBoard of Certification of GenealogistsCertifications
BCGBemichiAirport Code
BCGBrightness Contrast And GammaOcean Science
BCGBritish Chelonia GroupVeterinary
BCGBacillus Calmette–GuérinOther
BCGBi- Conjugate GradientMathematics
BCGBoard for Certification of GenealogistsOther
BCGBinary Coded GraphsComputing
BCGBacillus Calmette GuerinMedical

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Q ) What is the full form of BCG in Hindi?

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