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BDS stands for - Bundle Delivery System

There may be one or more meaning of BDS , so check all meanings of BDS in the BDS data table all one by one.

What is BDS Full Form in Hindi ?

The full form of BDS in Hinid is बंडल वितरण प्रणाली

All BDS Full Form with category

Name Full Form Category
BDS Bundle Delivery System Military
BDS Bachelor Of Dental Surgery Misc
BDS Battlefield Data System Military
BDS Broadcast Data Systems Business Firm
BDS BARADIGHI Indian Railway Station
BDS Blank Detail Specification Computer and Networking
BDS Budget Development System Government
BDS Bundled Digital Services Telecom
BDS Casale airport Regional Airport Code
BDS Beds Real Estate
BDS Brain Dead Software Computer Software
BDS Brindisi Airport Code
BDS British Driving Society (carriage horses) Veterinary
BDS Blackfan-Diamond syndrome British Medicine
BDS Black Diamond Software Softwares
BDS Brindisi airport Regional Airport Code
BDS battlefield distribution simulation Government
BDS Bridgestreet Accommodation AMEX Symbol
BDS battle dressing station Regional Airport Code
BDS Brindisi Softwares
BDS Italy Nazi Regime
BDS Borland Developer Studio Electronics

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