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BF stands for - Blood flow in Physiology

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What is BF Full Form in Hindi ?

The full form of BF in Hinid is खून का दौरा

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Name Full Form Category
BF Back And Forth Physics
BF Blood flow Physiology
BF B Factor Community
BF Breastfeeding Physiology
BF Burkina Faso Countries
BF blue film Other
BF Boy Friend Internet Slang
BF Big Fat Internet Slang
BF Big Foot Business
BF Brute Force Law
BF Bold Font Computing
BF Battle Field Military
BF Black Female Law
BF Bound Form Media
BF Basis Function Mathematics
BF Best Friends Internet Slang
BF Bug Fix Computer Software
BF Best Fit Mathematics
BF Benjamin Franklin Popular
BF Bomb Factory Military
BF Bahai Faith Religious
BF Bharat Forge Business Firm
BF Bobby Fischer Misc
BF Black Friday Day's Abbreviation
BF Barcan Formula Physics
BF Beat Frequency NASA
BF Butterfly Gaming
BF BoyFriend Internet Slang
BF Boafoyena Foundation llc Organization
BF Bring Forward Computer Assembly
BF Beyblade Fanatic Funny
BF Bethel Foundation Organization
BF Best Friend Community
BF Boswells Forum Internet Slang
BF Brace Face Funny
BF Bohemian Freakazoid Funny
BF Bank Fonkoze Organization
BF Barr Foundation Organization
BF Beldon Fund Organization
BF Bernardine Franciscans Organization
BF Bloody Fool Internet Slang
BF Boehm Foundation Organization
BF Bisexual Female Internet Slang
BF Bresee Foundation Organization
BF Bit Field Computer Assembly
BF Bryan Foundation Organization
BF Buhl Foundation Organization
BF Broadband Forever Funny
BF eBay Foundation Organization
BF Beneficial Foundation Organization
BF Bishopsgate Foundation Organization
BF Borrow Foundation Organization
BF Balm Foundation Organization
BF Batokulanjang Foundation Organization
BF Belva Foundation Organization
BF Beyonders Foundation Organization
BF Broadlight Foundation Organization
BF Blaze Foundation Organization
BF Badi Foundation Organization
BF base fuse Government
BF boldface Government
BF bottom face Government
BF Billy Farms Organization
BF bad flag Government
BF brought forward Government
BF backup force, 9 Government
BF Begonia Foundation Organization
BF Basharat Foundation Organization
BF Bergaptene Free Chemistry
BF Bharti Foundation Organization
BF Bezirksspital Fraubrunnen Medical
BF Beamform Electronics
BF back-feed Government
BF Business Facilitator Banking
BF Bearer Function Computer and Networking
BF Browser File Networking
BF Bitstring Forecasting Networking
BF BAGETAR Indian Railway Station
BF Barium Flouride Chemistry
BF Bandpass Filter Electronics
BF Buffer Full Computer Assembly Language
BF backface Government
BF Body Flap Space Science
BF Bridging Fault Computer Hardware
BF Board Foot Measurement Unit
BF Bad Fisherman Job Title
BF Belgium French Country Specific
BF Brightfield Electronics
BF Busy Flag Computer Assembly Language
BF Block Fill Computer Assembly Language
BF Bayes Formula Maths
BF Bankruptcy Failure Accounts and Finance
BF Box Fill Database Management
BF Ballast Factor Military and Defence
BF Brown - Forsythe Statistical Test Maths
BF Blank Field Computer Assembly Language
BF Branching Factor Maths
BF Bomb Finder Military and Defence
BF Borchers and Furman Algorithm Maths
BF Before Fall Sports
BF Ball Face Sports
BF Boundary Fitted Maths
BF Bazooka Fire Military and Defence
BF Boot Floppy Computer Hardware
BF Burst Fire Military and Defence
BF Backward Forward Algorithm Maths
BF Before The Fall Military and Defence

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Q ) What is the full form of BF in Hindi?

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