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BI stands for - Bismuth in Chemistry

There may be one or more meaning of BI , so check all meanings of BI in the BI data table all one by one.

What is BI Full Form in Hindi ?

The full form of BI in Hinid is विस्मुट

All BI Full Form with category

Name Full Form Category
BI Bismuth Chemistry
BI Bank Of Italy Business Firm
BI Burundi Countries
BI Brain Injury Physiology
BI Brand Identity Business Firm
BI Bislama Other
BI Bus In Electronics
BI Business Improvement Business
BI Block Island Local State
BI Background Investigation US Government
BI Bad Influence Law
BI Beckman Instruments Government Supplier
BI Binary Input Computer Assembly
BI Boehringer Ingelheim Business Firm
BI Burn in Electronics
BI Bodily Injury Law
BI Bureau Of Investigation US Government
BI Business Intelligence Business
BI Basic Instructions Computing
BI Bell Industries NYSE Symbol
BI Bi-Sexual Mathematics
BI Bilinear Interpolation Business Firm
BI Bohemia Interactive Organization
BI Blacksmith Institute Physiology
BI Baroclinic Instability Organization
BI Beth Israel Internet Slang
BI Beyond Incredible Organization
BI Barnabas International Asian
BI Brand India Organization
BI Biotechnology Institute Business Position
BI Best Individual Organization
BI Blessings International Organization
BI Bluerunner's Inc Countries
BI British India Computer Networking
BI Backup Interface Government
BI Base Information Analysis Program Organization
BI Babraham Institute Organization
BI Banner Insurance Organization
BI Bionet International - Global Network for Biosystematics Country Specific
BI Bintang Government
BI Indonesia Organization
BI blanking input Government
BI battlefield interdiction Organization
BI binary Input Organization
BI Brindavan of India File Type
BI Burnet Institute Softwares
BI Berwick Infirmary Softwares
BI Basic Source Code Include File (visual Basic) Maths
BI Build Index Military and Defence
BI Buffered Image Indian Railway Station
BI Binary Icosahedral Banking
BI Basic Indoctrination Computer Assembly Language
BI BARI SADRI Military and Defence
BI Bank Indonesia Computer Assembly Language
BI Binary and Includes Computer Hardware
BI Battlefield Injury Maths
BI Byte Integer Real Estate
BI Bus Invert Sports
BI Basic Invarlant Computer Hardware
BI Built-in Computer Hardware
BI Batted In Military and Defence
BI Basic Instrument Computer Hardware

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