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BSC stands for - Bachelor of Science

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What is BSC Full Form in Hindi ?

The full form of BSC in Hinid is विज्ञान स्नातक

BSC Full Form

BSC full form is “Bachelor of Science “, It is an academic degree awarded after completing three years of courses in science and technology. It is a degree awarded after completing a three-year course of study in the fields of science, medicine, and various technologies.

About BSC

BSc full form or Bachelor of Science degrees are offered in various disciplines in different subjects

including biology, mathematics, physics, chemistry, geology, statistics, marine biology, biotechnology, and many others.

Candidates can choose to complete a BSc program with courses in one of the major subjects of science.

There are numerous programs that a candidate can attend after completing the Bachelor of Science program.

After completing their BSc studies, candidates can opt for the Master of Science (MSc) to secure admission to occupation- and career-oriented courses of study. In addition to the regular Bachelor of Science courses, students can also opt for a Bachelor of Science degree.

BSC Eligibility Criteria

The specific entry criteria for BSC are

  • There is no age limit for participation in the BSc course (from 18 years).
  • Candidate must complete your 12th natural sciences subject with 50% – 60%  from any recognized university.
  • The student must complete at least 10 of 2 prestigious university natural sciences subjects (physics, chemistry, biology, and mathematics) in the admission course.
  • The Bachelor of Science is a three-year graduate program that most students aspire to and is one of the most sought-after and popular courses for science students, according to 12th graders.

requirements for BSC full form 

Candidates with a strong background in science and mathematics are recommended to take this BSc course.

A BSc full form degree is the first step towards a basic course for students interested in natural sciences, and aspiring to a career in science or related subjects.

After Completing B.Sc

The BSc degree is the basic course for candidates seeking a career in the natural sciences.

Upon completion of the BSc, students can pursue careers in various fields such as natural sciences, chemistry, physics, and biology.

After completing their BSc studies, candidates can opt for the Master of Science (MSc) to secure admission to occupation- and career-oriented courses of study.

In addition to the regular Bachelor of Science courses, students can also opt for a Bachelor of Science degree.

Some Interesting Facts about BSC

The first university to admit students to the bachelor of science in 1860 was the University of London.

BSC is the most popular academic degree in the science courses in which students have passed the 12th-grade exam.

Some BSC Courses

Students with a strong background in mathematics and science will find BSc courses.

some of the most popular BSC courses among students.

  • Bachelor of Science in Physics
  • BSc in Computer Science
  • BSc Chemistry
  • Bsc Biology
  • BSc Mathematics

All BSC Full Form with category

Name Full Form Category
BSC Browser information (MS Developer Studio) File Extension
BSC Business Service Centers US Government
BSC BCS Spectrally Calibrated Electronics
BSC Binary Synchronous Communication Computing
BSC Base Station Controller Business Position
BSC Bronze Swimming Certificate Sports
BSC Bear Stearns Companies, Inc. NYSE Symbol
BSC Business Support Center Chemistry
BSC Business Service Center US Government
BSC Binary Synchronous Communications Media
BSC Boston Sports Club Sports
BSC British Society of Cinematographers Media
BSC Bisynchronous Communications (protocol) Telecom
BSC Battle Simulation Center Military
BSC Best Supportive Care Oncology
BSC Bering Slope Current Ocean Science
BSC Boating Safety Circular Transportation
BSC Bed Supper Club Community
BSC Birmingham Southern College Other
BSC Bahia Solano, Colombia Regional Airport Code
BSC Baltic Sea Catchment Ocean Science
BSC binary symmetric channel Government
BSC Bergfreunde Ski Club Sports
BSC Compressed Apple II file archive (BINSCII) File Extension
BSC Beechcraft Service Center Business Firm
BSC Brigadas de Seguridad Ciudadana Spanish
BSC Bismarck State College Other
BSC Better Sleep Council Other
BSC battle staff coordinator, 4 Government
BSC Berkeley Student Cooperative Other
BSC British Safety Council Organization
BSC Birmingham-Southern College University
BSC Bachelor of SCience Academic Degree
BSC Jose Celestino Mutis airport Regional Airport Code
BSC Database (Source Browser) File Extension
BSC Belleair Surgery Center Medical
BSC Bangladesh Study Counsel Organization
BSC Arab Banking Corporation Organization
BSC Baptist Student Center Religious
BSC Bayshore Surgery Center Medical
BSC Brentwood Surgery Center Medical
BSC Pwbrmake object file (MS Fortran) File Extension
BSC Brindabella Specialists Centre Medical
BSC Bachlor of Science Educational Degree
BSC Bi-synchronous Communications Telecommunication
BSC Brandon Surgery Center Medical
BSC Microsoft Developer Studio Browser Information File Type
BSC Binary Symmetric Channels Computer and Networking
BSC Bcs (bragg Crystal Spectrometer) Spectrally Calibrated Electronics
BSC BULANDSHAHR Indian Railway Station
BSC Bahia Solano Airport Code
BSC Branchburg Sports Complex Sports
BSC Black Station Clock Military and Defence
BSC Blind Side Curvature Maths
BSC Barber Scotia College Educational Institute
BSC Brake Skid Controller Space Science
BSC Battle Simulation Combatants Military and Defence

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