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C. stands for - Cents in Measurement Unit

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What is C. Full Form in Hindi ?

The full form of C. in Hinid is सेंट

All C. Full Form with category

Name Full Form Category
C. Cents Measurement Unit
C. Colt pistol Military
C. Constant Mathematics
C. Course Angle Space Science
C. Combat Military
C. Coulomb Measurement Unit
C. Centre jurassien de réadaptation cardio-vasculaire Medical
C. command Government
C. control Military
C. communications Government
C. computers intelligence Electronics
C. surveillance Internet Slang
C. and reconnaissance architecture framework Medical
C. Courage Business
C. command Computer Assembly
C. control Organization
C. communications intelligence and interoperability Medical
C. Connector Veterinary
C. Cute Maths
C. Conférence des régies régionales de la santé et des services sociaux Government
C. Complete Hardware
C. Change Organization
C. Crittenton Food
C. Centre de soins et de sante communautaires Organization
C. Chimpanzee Computing
C. Convergent Maths
C. hundreds of barrels Government
C. Core Organization
C. Construisons ensemble le monde Medical
C. Caffeine Maths
C. Cornerstone Government
C. Compare Meteorology
C. command and control system Government
C. Charitoo NYSE Symbol
C. Clinica psichiatrica di giorno Currency
C. Calculated Organization
C. support database Organization
C. Cloud Space Science
C. Command Softwares
C. Control Government
C. Communications File Extension
C. Computers Telecommunication
C. Intelligence Organization
C. Surveillance Space Science
C. and Reconnaissance Government
C. command Business Product
C. control and communications systems Organization
C. Citigroup Laboratory
C. Centime Organization
C. Canopy Organization
C. Coplano Organization
C. One Hundred Other
C. C-sharp Programming Language Organization
C. command Government
C. control Community
C. communications program plan Organization
C. C language source code file Media
C. Connectivity Real Estate
C. Cojeroci Accounting
C. Cycle Organization
C. carrier State
C. Coupon Meteorology
C. Cijikhono Organization
C. Cure Government
C. Cyntanada Political
C. alt.Consulting Earth Science
C. Cerene Job Title
C. Checkmate Military
C. Civnet Measurement Unit
C. command Hardware
C. control Business Product
C. communications Government
C. computers Organization
C. and intelligence Job Title
C. Canterwood Ship Types
C. Congres des tehologiens asiatiques Organization
C. Civilization Computer Assembly
C. Condemned University
C. Costs Ocean Science
C. Chrysalis Military and Defence
C. Colorado Computer Software
C. Centigrade Business
C. Comhlámh Organization
C. command and control warfare Sports
C. Compromise Organization
C. Cut Physiology
C. Communicator Government
C. Clock Government
C. Cubic Government
C. Computer Government
C. Chanel Maths
C. conditioned diphase Organization
C. Collyer's Medical
C. Commitment Organization
C. Canoe Computer Assembly
C. Comite malgache poru la paix et l'amitie entre les peuples Chemistry
C. Condition Media
C. Class Government
C. Cod Government
C. Creeping Line Pattern Medical
C. Compiler Maths
C. Corporate Unit of Measurement
C. Codec Sports
C. Cleverness Factor Religious
C. Corpotalentos Clothes
C. Celsius Business Position
C. concept Organization
C. capability File Type
C. consenses Music
C. and technology Government
C. command Media
C. control Measurement Unit
C. and communications order of battle Food
C. communications and tracking data processor Government
C. Command and Control Manpower and Personnel Contingency Support System Government
C. Consequence Government
C. Clinique de chirurgie US Government
C. Clarissines Electronics
C. Chapter Organization
C. Carbon Organization
C. Comedy Organization
C. command and control facility Accounting
C. programming language Business Firm
C. Clinique de médecine familiale Government
C. Concurrent Community
C. Candela Non-Profit Organization
C. Challenger Government
C. Christ Colors
C. Cotton Non-Profit Organization
C. Cook Government
C. Childnet Veterinary
C. C++ Language Source Code File Medical
C. Counter-tenor Mathematics
C. command Accounting
C. control Law
C. communications Sports
C. and intelligence systems committee Indian Railway Station
C. Circular Business
C. Circumference Business
C. Citrus Electronics
C. aircraft symbol- cargo Religious
C. command Community
C. control Organization
C. and status Human Genome
C. command and control information system Softwares
C. Compassion Physics Related
C. Constitution Government
C. Form C (break-before-make) Contacts Job Title
C. Chana Organization
C. Coprodeli Sports
C. Credit Organization
C. Chrysler Organization
C. command Organization
C. control Government
C. communications Government
C. computers Oncology
C. intelligence and information NASDAQ Symbol
C. Community Sports
C. Charity Medical
C. Systems Master Plan Measurement Unit
C. Cyan Oncology
C. Contribution Organization
C. command Sports
C. control Organization
C. communications Business Product
C. computers Organization
C. and intelligence support plan Organization
C. Canine tooth Government
C. Certified Government
C. Circle Medical
C. Cost Education
C. Competent Sports
C. Cubs US Government
C. Counsel Media
C. Collaboration Organization
C. Collector (transistor) Other
C. Cult Unit of Measurement
C. Culture Measurement Unit
C. Chybusman Government
C. Cytosine Medical
C. Creepy Government
C. The Speed of Light. Religious
C. command Government
C. control Business
C. communications Organization
C. and computers Business Product
C. Compensation NASA
C. Consoleindia Business
C. Color Telecom
C. Command and Control Information Processing System Local State
C. Committee for human rights Government
C. Cybersystems Military
C. Centre de liaison artistique et culturelle en mediterranee Unit of Measurement
C. command and control element Physiology
C. command Government
C. control Computer Assembly
C. and communications Physics
C. Cell Telecom
C. Coach Physics
C. Charlwood Government
C. Centi~ (prefix | Hundredth Part) Government
C. Cancer Physics Related
C. Creditwatch Funny
C. Club Regional
C. Citylinks Military
C. Calibration Government
C. Childright Organization
C. Clearbrook Medical
C. S Readiness Information System Government
C. command and control modernization methodology State
C. Centre de gestion hospitaliere Sports
C. Complaining Organization
C. Championship US Government
C. Captain Mathematics
C. command Organization
C. communications Transportation
C. and control/information resource management Computer Assembly Language
C. Character Government
C. Cem Other
C. Car Organization
C. Capacitance Unit of Measurement
C. Cup Organization
C. Cups Government
C. command Internet Slang
C. control Community
C. and communications systems master plan Laboratory
C. Cikadeklinik Military and Defence
C. Command and Control Systems Program Management Office Computer Assembly
C. command and control disruption Government
C. Chapel Softwares
C. command Government
C. control Measurement Unit
C. communications Religious
C. and information Military and Defence
C. Comfort Medical
C. Confederation africaine d'escrime Computer Networking
C. Compact Government
C. Candle Other
C. Capital Business Product
C. Connection Community
C. Child Government
C. coalition Ocean Science
C. coordination Government
C. communications and integration center Organization
C. Cause Military
C. Century Physiology
C. Coronary Physiology
C. command Physiology
C. control Networking
C. communications Government
C. computers system security training advisory group Organization
C. Code Organization
C. Charmed quark Organization
C. Collect Computer Networking
C. Ascorbic acid Organization
C. Speed of Light Government
C. command Organization
C. control Government
C. and intelligence Organization
C. Command and Control Initiatives Program Computing
C. Degree Centigrade Medical
C. Cranky Government
C. China Business Product
C. Configuration Electronics
C. command and control functional analysis and consolidation review panel Organization
C. Careprovider.org Government
C. Centre valaisan de pneumologie Organization
C. International Telegraph Advisory Committee Government
C. Cleveland Texting
C. Center Organization
C. Cangrands Names and Nicknames
C. Communism Misc
C. Coefficient Organization
C. eCube Medical
C. Compact car Organization
C. Characters Misc
C. command and control VTC Media
C. Corruption Physics Related
C. Christ winners care international Organization
C. Calorie Community
C. Connexions Hospital
C. command and control information systems management office Military
C. Crabby Day's Abbreviation
C. City Government
C. Calicivirus Medical
C. Compromise Band Sports
C. Create Acedemic & Science
C. command Food
C. control Organization
C. and communications countermeasures Government
C. Computational Government
C. command Business
C. control Media
C. communications Organization
C. computers Local State
C. and intelligence for the Warrior Measurement Unit
C. Degrees Celsius Science Fiction
C. Christian Other
C. Coverage Factor Job Title
C. Csnc Human Genome
C. Communication Government
C. command Organization
C. control Military
C. communications Government
C. and computer countermeasures Organization
C. calloc Hardware
C. Combination Government
C. Citizens Government
C. character to hexadecimal Computer Assembly
C. Current Sports
C. coordination with the Director Media
C. Defense Security Programs Police
C. ODASD Music
C. Cbdiba-ong Military
C. Conflict Business Product
C. Cervical Organization
C. Critical Colors
C. Cholesterol Government
C. Customer Device Government
C. command and control Organization
C. Coolmyplanet Organization
C. Creactivar Military
C. Catch Business Position
C. Connected Organization
C. Changemakers Names and Nicknames

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