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CAD stands for - combat arms directorate

There may be one or more meaning of CAD , so check all meanings of CAD in the CAD data table all one by one.

What is CAD Full Form in Hindi ?

The full form of CAD in Hinid is मुकाबला हथियार निदेशालय

All CAD Full Form with category

NameFull FormCategory
CADcombat arms directorateGovernment
CADCAD DocumentFile Extension
CADCreepy Asian DudeFunny
CADComputer-Aided DesignArchitecture
CADCaddoRegional 3 Letter LanguageCode
CADControl Alt DeleteComputing
CADCanadian DollarCurrency
CADCentro de Atención a DrogodependientesSpanish
CADComputer Aided DetectionLaw
CADCharged Area DevelopmentPhysics Related
CADCanadian Air DivisionMilitary and Defence
CADcontract administration dataGovernment
CADComputer Assisted DraftingBusiness
CADComplicated And DifficultFunny
CADComputer Aided DispatchingBusiness
CADComité de Ayuda al DesarrolloSpanish
CADConsorcio Ambiental DominicanoOrganization
CADCapital Adequacy DirectiveBusiness
CADcomputer-aided detectionGovernment
CADcartridge-activated deviceGovernment
CADCommunities Against DrugsPolice
CADCash Available for DistributionMessaging
CADCash Against DocumentsStock Exchange
CADCaspase Activated DeoxyribonucleaseLaboratory
CADCalifornia Academic DecathlonOrganization
CADConneaut Audio DevicesBusiness Firm
CADComputer Aided DifficultiesFunny
CADComputer Aided DraftingBusiness
CADComputer Aided DispatchLaw
CADComputer Automated DiagnosticsComputer Hardware
CADCadillac (mi)Airport Code
CADcontainment atmosphere dilutionGovernment
CADcondemnation at depotGovernment
CADCurrent Account DeficitAccounting
CADCollectif des Associations pour le DéveloppementOrganization
CADComputer Assisted DispatchPolice
CADCommunity Affairs DirectorCommunity
CADCarbohydrate Addicts DietPhysiology
CADCommand Area DevelopmentJammu and Kashmir Government
CADCartridge Actuated DeviceMilitary and Defence
CADCoronary Artery DiseasePhysiology
CADcomputer-access deviceGovernment
CADCommunity Action for DevelopmentOrganization
CADChange Again DailyFunny
CADcounter-arm decoyGovernment
CADChange Again DammitComputer Assembly Language
CADCollege Avenue DeckEducational Institute
CADCourse Administrative DataMilitary
CADComputer Aided DesignComputing
CADCondemned At DepotMilitary and Defence
CADComputer Aided DrillingEarth Science
CADClann An DrummaInternational Business

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