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CAG stands for - Elmas airport in Regional Airport Code

There may be one or more meaning of CAG , so check all meanings of CAG in the CAG data table all one by one.

What is CAG Full Form in Hindi ?

The full form of CAG in Hinid is एल्मास हवाई अड्डा

All CAG Full Form with category

Name Full Form Category
CAG Elmas airport Regional Airport Code
CAG Carrier Air Group Military
CAG chronic atrophic gastritis British Medicine
CAG Cytosine Adenine And Guanine Human Genome
CAG guided missile heavy cruiser Government
CAG cerebral angiography British Medicine
CAG Commissione degli affari giuridici Italian
CAG column address generator Government
CAG Competitive Analysis Group Electronics
CAG Chief Constables Advisory Group Police
CAG concept action group Government
CAG Covert Assault Group Military
CAG Commander Air Group Acedemic & Science
CAG Current Annual Growth Indian Railway Station
CAG Cost Advisory Group Military and Defence
CAG Commander British Medicine
CAG Amphibious Group NASDAQ Symbol
CAG coronary angiography Mathematics
CAG ConAgra Foods Business
CAG Connected Acyclic Graph Certifications
CAG Chairman's Advisory Group Government
CAG Council for Academic Growth Organization
CAG Certified Ambulance Group NYSE Symbol
CAG combat analysis group Government
CAG Concert Artists Guild Regional Airport Code
CAG Conagra Airport Code
CAG combat arms group Military and Defence
CAG Cagliari Local State
CAG Italy Military
CAG Cagliari USPS
CAG Cost Ascertainment Group Military
CAG Civil Affairs Group Military and Defence
CAG Comptroller and Auditor General Indian Government
CAG Combined Action Group Military and Defence

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Q ) What is the full form of CAG in Hindi?

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