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CAL stands for - Computer Assisted Listening in University

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What is CAL Full Form in Hindi ?

The full form of CAL in Hinid is कंप्यूटर असिस्टेड लिसनिंग

All CAL Full Form with category

Name Full Form Category
CAL Can Application Layer Computer Networking
CAL Computer Assisted Listening University
CAL Center For Applied Linguistics University
CAL California State
CAL Computer Aided Learning Education
CAL Cyberathelete Amateur League Sports
CAL Continental Airlines, Inc. NYSE Symbol
CAL Spreadsheet (SuperCalc) File Extension
CAL Client Access License Computer Networking
CAL Kalori Turkish
CAL Cyberathlete Amateur League Sports
CAL Cray Assembly Language Computer Assembly
CAL Cakewalk Application Language Computing
CAL Controlled Axial Lifetime Physics
CAL Coalition Of Affiliated Leagues Sports
CAL Customer Access Line Telecom
CAL Computer Assisted Learning Education
CAL Center for Army Leadership Military
CAL Contrainte Avec Logique French
CAL computer animation language Government
CAL Chase Active Learning Business Firm
CAL Confusion And Light Law
CAL Center of Army Leadership Government
CAL coracoacromial ligament British Medicine
CAL Chronic Airway Limitation Physiology
CAL Creating A Leader Education
CAL CALibration NASA
CAL Chinese Academic Link University
CAL computer-assisted learning Government
CAL Caleres, Inc. NASDAQ Symbol
CAL Cal Always Loses Funny
CAL Chaos And Light Science Fiction
CAL Cybernerd Aquiring Love Funny
CAL Circle Anglia Limited Organization
CAL conversational algebraic language Government
CAL calcitonin British Medicine
CAL chronic airflow limitation British Medicine
CAL common assembler language code Government
CAL caliber Government
CAL Communications Application Language Government
CAL Centre hospitalier Anna-Laberge Medical
CAL Continuous Acquisition and Life-cycle Military and Defence
CAL Common Application Language Computer and Networking
CAL command asset list Government
CAL Connection Access License Telecommunication
CAL Computer-aided Acquisition and Logistics Support File Bitmap Graphics Black & White File Type
CAL Centre hospitalier et centre de readaptation Antoine-Labelle Medical
CAL Supercalc Spreadsheet Calculation File File Type
CAL calendar Government
CAL Cornell Aeronautical Laboratory Space Science
CAL Cpcc Automated Library Networking
CAL Campbeltown Airport Code
CAL Calories Measurement Unit
CAL contractor alert list, 11 Government
CAL Calibrate Computer Hardware
CAL Windows 3.x Calendar File File Type
CAL Critical Asset List Military and Defence

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Q ) What is the full form of CAL in Hindi?

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