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CAT stands for - Clear-Air Turbulence in Transportation

There may be one or more meaning of CAT , so check all meanings of CAT in the CAT data table all one by one.

What is CAT Full Form in Hindi ?

The full form of CAT in Hinid is साफ़-हवा अशांति

All CAT Full Form with category

NameFull FormCategory
CATClear-Air TurbulenceTransportation
CATCalifornians for Alternatives to ToxicsOrganization
CATRational Rose Logical PackageFile Type
CATChimeric Acetyl TransferaseChemistry
CATcontrolled attenuator timerGovernment
CATCombat Application TourniquetMilitary and Defence
CATcrisis action teamGovernment
CATcomputer-aided testSoftwares
CATComputer-aided TestingBritish Medicine
CATcorrelation analysis toolComputing
CATComputer Assisted TranslationMedia
CATCat IslandGovernment
CATCommunity Access TelevisionFunny
CATconventional arms transfersTime Zone
CATCrap A TackMaths
CATCentral African TimeOrganization
CATComplementary Angle TheoremFile Type
CATConfederation of African TennisNYSE Symbol
CATCatalog (cp Backup - Dbase Iv)Award or Medal
CATCertified Accounting TechnicianMedical
CATcomputer aided tomographyMilitary
CATClinica Alemana de TemucoInternational Business
CATCrisis Action TeamGovernment
CATClever Anatomical TricksOrganization
CATComputer Aided TranslationTelecommunication
CATcontrol and analysis toolGovernment
CATCreative Arts TeamMilitary
CATand TermsTransportation
CATconditionally accepted tagGovernment
CATCenter for Army TacticsTransportation
CATCatheterAccounts and Finance
CATCambridge Antibody TechnologyGovernment
CATClear - Air TurbulenceCommunity
CATcomputer aided technologiesAccounts and Finance
CATCivil Air TransportGovernment
CATAccessFile Type
CATand TermsGovernment
CATcomputer-assisted testingUniversity
CATCommunity Activist TechnologyIndian Railway Station
CATConstant Amortized TimeEducation
CATcommand action teamGovernment
CATComputerized Axial Tomography Government
CATQuicken Intellicharge Categorization FileGovernment
CATcockpit automation technologyPhysiology
CATCommon Admission TestGovernment
CATcomputer aided transcriptionHuman Genome
CATcommon air taskingComputer and Networking
CATcomputer-aided teachingOrganization
CATComputerized Axial TomographyMilitary
CATComputer Aided TestingCommunity
CATcomputer automatic testingElectronics
CATChloramphenicol Acetyl TransferaseGovernment
CATCellular Action Team (ECSP committee)Funny
CATCenter for Accessible TechnologyPhysiology
CATComputer- Assisted TrainingFunny
CATComputed Axial TomographyGovernment
CATCommunity Action TeamEducation
CATCertified Alarm TechnicianEducation
CATcompile and testEducation
CATCollect Any TrashOrganization
CATCoital Alignment TechniqueGovernment
CATChristchurch Anime TribeMedical
CATconcatenateMilitary and Defence
CATClassroom Assessment TechniqueInternet Slang
CATComputer Adaptive TestGovernment
CATComputer Assisted TeachingMilitary and Defence
CATCenter for Art in TranslationPhysiology
CATcomputer-aided translationLaw
CATCentre hospitalier de soins psychiatriques de l'Abitibi-TémiscamingueMilitary and Defence

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Q ) What is the full form of CAT in Hindi?

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