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CAT stands for - Clear-Air Turbulence in Transportation

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What is CAT Full Form in Hindi ?

The full form of CAT in Hinid is साफ़-हवा अशांति

All CAT Full Form with category

Name Full Form Category
CAT Clear-Air Turbulence Transportation
CAT Californians for Alternatives to Toxics Organization
CAT Rational Rose Logical Package File Type
CAT Chimeric Acetyl Transferase Chemistry
CAT controlled attenuator timer Government
CAT Combat Application Tourniquet Military and Defence
CAT crisis action team Government
CAT computer-aided test Softwares
CAT Computer-aided Testing British Medicine
CAT catecholamine Government
CAT correlation analysis tool Computing
CAT Computer Assisted Translation Media
CAT Cat Island Government
CAT Community Access Television Funny
CAT conventional arms transfers Time Zone
CAT Crap A Tack Maths
CAT Central African Time Organization
CAT Complementary Angle Theorem File Type
CAT Confederation of African Tennis NYSE Symbol
CAT Catalog (cp Backup - Dbase Iv) Award or Medal
CAT Caterpillar Government
CAT Certified Accounting Technician Medical
CAT computer aided tomography Military
CAT catalase Funny
CAT Clinica Alemana de Temuco International Business
CAT Crisis Action Team Government
CAT Clever Anatomical Tricks Organization
CAT Computer Aided Translation Telecommunication
CAT control and analysis tool Government
CAT Creative Arts Team Military
CAT Charges Physiology
CAT Access Laboratory
CAT and Terms Transportation
CAT conditionally accepted tag Government
CAT Center for Army Tactics Transportation
CAT Catheter Accounts and Finance
CAT Cambridge Antibody Technology Government
CAT Clear - Air Turbulence Community
CAT computer aided technologies Accounts and Finance
CAT Civil Air Transport Government
CAT Cost Other
CAT Access File Type
CAT and Terms Government
CAT computer-assisted testing University
CAT Community Activist Technology Indian Railway Station
CAT Constant Amortized Time Education
CAT command action team Government
CAT Computerized Axial Tomography  Government
CAT Quicken Intellicharge Categorization File Government
CAT cockpit automation technology Physiology
CAT Common Admission Test Government
CAT Caterpillar Government
CAT computer aided transcription Human Genome
CAT common air tasking Computer and Networking
CAT computer-aided teaching Organization
CAT Computerized Axial Tomography Military
CAT category Medical
CAT Computer Aided Testing Community
CAT computer automatic testing Electronics
CAT Chloramphenicol Acetyl Transferase Government
CAT Cellular Action Team (ECSP committee) Funny
CAT Center for Accessible Technology Physiology
CAT Computer- Assisted Training Funny
CAT Computed Axial Tomography Government
CAT Community Action Team Education
CAT Certified Alarm Technician Education
CAT compile and test Education
CAT Collect Any Trash Organization
CAT Coital Alignment Technique Government
CAT Christchurch Anime Tribe Medical
CAT concatenate Military and Defence
CAT Classroom Assessment Technique Internet Slang
CAT Computer Adaptive Test Government
CAT Computer Assisted Teaching Military and Defence
CAT Center for Art in Translation Physiology
CAT computer-aided translation Law
CAT Centre hospitalier de soins psychiatriques de l'Abitibi-Témiscamingue Military and Defence

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