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CC stands for - Child Care

There may be one or more meaning of CC , so check all meanings of CC in the CC data table all one by one.

What is CC Full Form in Hindi ?

The full form of CC in Hinid is बाल देखभाल

All CC Full Form with category

NameFull FormCategory
CCChild CareEducation
CCC++ Language Source Code File (gcc)File Type
CCCities for CyclistsOrganization
CCCarlton CourtMedical
CCCradles to CrayonsOrganization
CCCoulsdon CollegeOrganization
CCCapilano CollegeOrganization
CCCorporacion CedirOrganization
CCCutie CutieInternet Slang
CCcervical cancerBritish Medicine
CCcost centerGovernment
CCCenter of ConcernOrganization
CCcomponent commanderGovernment
CCClínica CardiovascularMedical
CCCasa CentralOrganization
CCCoal ControllerIndian Ministry of Coal
CCChesley CentreMedical
CCChristopher ColumbusPopular
CCCrap CharityFunny
CCCoexistence CoalitionOrganization
CCClínica ChilpancingoMedical
CCCaro CenterMedical
CCClose CombatMilitary
CCCamp CourageOrganization
CCClínica CatedralMedical
CCCookies and CreamFood
CCchronic coughBritish Medicine
CCClear ChannelBusiness Firm
CCConcordia CollegeOrganization
CCcontinuous currentGovernment
CCClackmannan CollegeOrganization
CCClinica del CountryMedical
CCConscious ConsumerOrganization
CCCommon CriteriaBusiness
CCCritical CapabilityMilitary and Defence
CCcommon coldBritish Medicine
CCChief of CommunicationsJob Title
CCChemours Company (The)NASDAQ Symbol
CCCare CollaborationOrganization
CCCatholic CharitiesOrganization
CCCode of ConductBanking
CCCrown CommunityOrganization
CCConfined To Camp (punishment)Military and Defence
CCCámara de ComercioSpanish
CCCarol CityCommunity
CCControl ChannelComputer and Networking
CCChesterfield CollegeOrganization
CCClínica CoronaMedical
CCClient CapabilityNetworking
CCChamber of CommerceBanking
CCCircus ChimpJob Title
CCChildren's Care internationalOrganization
CCCountry ClubCommunity
CCCódigo CivilSpanish
CCCenter for CommunicationOrganization
CCClear The CommandComputer Assembly Language
CCChetek ClinicMedical
CCClinique la CollineMedical
CCCleveland ClinicMedical
CCClinica CordilleraMedical
CCControl CRegional 3 Letter LanguageCode
CCClinica CarmelitanaMedical
CCCosmos of CultureOrganization
CCConservation of ChargePhysics Related
CCcingulate cortexBritish Medicine
CCCane CreekEarth Science
CCCoiled CoilElectronics
CCChief ConstablePolice
CCContaminant ControlSpace Science
CCCar CraftBusiness Firm
CCCapital CarersOrganization
CCCamp CourageousOrganization
CCCentro de CancerMedical
CCClinica CemtroMedical
CCcoefficient of correlationBritish Medicine
CCClínica de ColoproctologíaMedical
CCCannington CollegeOrganization
CCClínica del CentroMedical
CCCompact ComputerComputer Hardware
CCCoatbridge CollegeOrganization
CCCity CrittersOrganization
CCCarson CityCoin
CCNevada (mint mark on United States coins)Sports
CCCricket ClubMedical
CCCarewest CentersOrganization
CCCorporación CaminosOrganization
CCCanterbury CollegeCountry Code
CCCountry CodeOrganization
CCCause CommunicationsComputer and Networking
CCCentral ClinicSpace Science
CCCommunications ControlInternet
CCC CompilerPopular
CCClaudia CardinaleOrganization
CCCrafts CouncilBritish Medicine
CCcourtesy callRegional Railroad
CCChicago Central and Pacific Railroad CompanyOrganization
CCCross in the CityOrganization
CCCarpets for CommunitiesCommunity
CCCommunity CenterMedical
CCCostamed ClinicMedical
CCCarrier ClinicOrganization
CCCouncil ConnectionsDomain Name
CCCocos (Keeling) IslandsMilitary and Defence
CCCarbon CompositesAccounts and Finance
CCCard CashOrganization
CCCerveno ConsultingMilitary and Defence
CCComponent CommandOrganization
CCCommonwealth CoalitionBritish Medicine
CCcervical collarAccounts and Finance
CCCash CommodityGovernment
CCclose-coupledBritish Medicine
CCcardiac cycleOrganization
CCCommonwealth CorporationOrganization
CCCommon CauseMedical
CCClínica de especialidades CasablancaMedical
CCCentre hospitalier de CharlevoixMedical
CCClinique CharlemangeOrganization
CCCabrini ConnectionsBritish Medicine
CCCharity CommissionGovernment
CCconventional conflictOrganization
CCChadwick CenterGovernment
CCcomputer communityOrganization
CCChildren in CrisisComputer Assembly
CCCondition CodeBritish Medicine
CCcell cultureIndian Railways
CCAC Chair CarMedical
CCClínica del CarmenComputer and Networking
CCConference CallBanking
CCCash CreditBritish Medicine
CCcommunity careSpace Science
CCCrew CompartmentBanking
CCChief CashierGovernment
CCcoarse controlFood
CCChocolate ChipInternet Slang
CCCome CloserBritish Medicine
CCcongestive cardiomyopathyIndian Railway Station
CCCurlew ClinicOrganization
CCCards for CaringComputer Assembly Language
CCCarry ClearOrganization
CCChildren of the CaliforniasOrganization
CCCactus CommunicationMilitary
CCCentral ControlOrganization
CCComputer ConnectBusiness Firm
CCCircuit CityOrganization
CCCommunity CoalitionComputer Hardware
CCColor CompensatingOrganization
CCCrawley CollegeOrganization
CCChurcher's CollegeMilitary
CCCommand CenterFBI File
CCCarbon CopyOrganization
CCCareer CollaborativeMedical
CCCamp CareMilitary and Defence
CCCriteria CheckMaths
CCConjugated ComplexOncology
CCCubic CentimeterMaths
CCComplex ConjugateOrganization
CCCraven CollegeOther
CCcubic centimetersMedical
CCChief ComplaintMedical
CCClinica CorachanBanking
CCCertified ChequeOrganization
CCCochrane CoalitionMilitary and Defence
CCCompilation ControlOrganization
CCCheltenham CollegeOrganization
CCCosgrove CareOrganization
CCCulture ChangeSpace Science
CCCrew CertifiedGovernment
CCcontainer codeMedia
CCCommon CarrierOrganization
CCChichester CollegeGovernment
CCcentral computerUniversity
CCColorado CollegeFunny
CCCongress CritterOncology
CCCancer CenterMedical
CCCharles andrew ClinicSpace Science
CCChannel ControllerOrganization
CCCentury of CompassionOrganization
CCIBTEDA FoundationGovernment
CCCommand and Control Engineering CenterMedical
CCClínica CenneBritish Medicine
CCcerebral cortexMaths
CCCommon CathodeMedical
CCClinique CecilAccounting
CCCredit CardOrganization
CCCarlisle CollegeMedical
CCCaswell CenterComputer and Networking
CCCommunication Capability fieldVeterinary
CCCalico CatComputer and Networking
CCCall ControlOrganization
CCCultivating CommunityBritish Medicine
CCclomiphen citrateAcedemic & Science
CCCorrelation CoefficientOrganization
CCCharis CirclePhysiology
CCgerminal centerGovernment
CCconfiguration controlFile Type
CCCc Language Source Code FileOrganization
CCCirencester CollegeTransportation
CCCarrying CapacityMilitary and Defence
CCClearing CourseSpace Science
CCChief CounselGovernment
CCcluster controllerGovernment
CCcommercial consumableOrganization
CCCreative ConnectionsOrganization
CCCourage CenterOrganization
CCCaritas CommunitiesNetworking
CCCheck CookiesLaw
CCClose CallOrganization
CCConnections for ChildrenGovernment
CCtactical command shipOrganization
CCCollege ConnectionHobby
CCCommand and ConquerOrganization
CCCreative CommunicationsBritish Medicine
CCClinique de CarougeMedical
CCClínica ClaristellaOrganization
CCCommunication for ChangeMedical
CCCraigmont ClinicOrganization
CCChristian CounselingEducational Institute
CCCollege ConfidentialElectronics
CCChip CarrierFunny
CCCharm CityMedical
CCClínica CumbresPopular
CCCrazy CatMedical
CCClinton ClinicOrganization
CCCumbernauld CollegeSports
CCCrew ChangeMaths
CCConvex CombinationOrganization
CCCircles of ChangeBritish Medicine
CCCochrane CollaborationOncology
CCColorectal CancerGovernment
CCcounter-CBritish Medicine
CCcolonic cancerOrganization
CCCompassionate CooksSpanish
CCCoalición CanariaOrganization
CCCircle of ConcernMedical
CCClínica CampecheGovernment
CCcontrol computerGovernment
CCclosing coilOrganization
CCCumberland CaresBritish Medicine
CCcreatinine clearanceBritish Medicine
CCcolumn chromatographyMedical
CCClínica ColimaComputer Hardware
CCCache CoherentSports
CCClutch CatchesMilitary and Defence
CCCapitán De CorbetaOrganization
CCCeltic CongressOrganization
CCCroydon CollegeOrganization
CCChildren by ChoiceInternet Slang
CCCute CoupleNetworking
CCCourtesy CopyBusiness Firm
CCChrysler CorporationOrganization
CCCabrini CollegeOrganization
CCCommittee for ChildrenOther
CCCreative CommonsOrganization
CCCommunication CenterGovernment
CCcontrol centerOrganization
CCCounsel and CareMeasurement Unit
CCCurvilinear Co-ordinatesOrganization
CCCongregation for the ClergyGovernment
CCcenter commanderUnit of Measurement
CCCubic CapacityGovernment
CCchannel commandSports
CCConference ChampionMedical
CCCentre hospitalier de ChandlerOrganization
CCChase CreationsOrganization
CCCarshalton CollegeOrganization
CCCommunity CatalystGovernment
CCcard codeGovernment
CCclosed circuitOrganization
CCCamino al CambioGovernment
CCcommon collectorHospital
CCCarson CityFood
CCCanadian ClubMedical
CCCalvary CenterBritish Medicine
CCcytochrome CGovernment
CCChelmsford CollegeOrganization

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