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CC stands for - Child Care

There may be one or more meaning of CC , so check all meanings of CC in the CC data table all one by one.

What is CC Full Form in Hindi ?

The full form of CC in Hinid is बाल देखभाल

All CC Full Form with category

Name Full Form Category
CC Child Care Education
CC C++ Language Source Code File (gcc) File Type
CC Cities for Cyclists Organization
CC Carlton Court Medical
CC Cradles to Crayons Organization
CC Coulsdon College Organization
CC Capilano College Organization
CC Corporacion Cedir Organization
CC CollegeCorps Organization
CC Cutie Cutie Internet Slang
CC cervical cancer British Medicine
CC cost center Government
CC Center of Concern Organization
CC component commander Government
CC Clínica Cardiovascular Medical
CC Casa Central Organization
CC Coal Controller Indian Ministry of Coal
CC Chesley Centre Medical
CC Christopher Columbus Popular
CC Crap Charity Funny
CC Coexistence Coalition Organization
CC Clínica Chilpancingo Medical
CC Caro Center Medical
CC Close Combat Military
CC Camp Courage Organization
CC Clínica Catedral Medical
CC Cookies and Cream Food
CC chronic cough British Medicine
CC Clear Channel Business Firm
CC Concordia College Organization
CC continuous current Government
CC Clackmannan College Organization
CC Clinica del Country Medical
CC Conscious Consumer Organization
CC Common Criteria Business
CC Critical Capability Military and Defence
CC common cold British Medicine
CC Chief of Communications Job Title
CC Chemours Company (The) NASDAQ Symbol
CC Care Collaboration Organization
CC Catholic Charities Organization
CC Code of Conduct Banking
CC Crown Community Organization
CC Confined To Camp (punishment) Military and Defence
CC Cámara de Comercio Spanish
CC Carol City Community
CC Control Channel Computer and Networking
CC Chesterfield College Organization
CC Clínica Corona Medical
CC Client Capability Networking
CC Chamber of Commerce Banking
CC Circus Chimp Job Title
CC Children's Care international Organization
CC Country Club Community
CC Código Civil Spanish
CC Center for Communication Organization
CC Clear The Command Computer Assembly Language
CC Chetek Clinic Medical
CC Clinique la Colline Medical
CC Cleveland Clinic Medical
CC Clinica Cordillera Medical
CC Control C Regional 3 Letter LanguageCode
CC Clinica Carmelitana Medical
CC Cosmos of Culture Organization
CC Carbon-Carbon NASA
CC Conservation of Charge Physics Related
CC cingulate cortex British Medicine
CC Cane Creek Earth Science
CC Coiled Coil Electronics
CC Chief Constable Police
CC Contaminant Control Space Science
CC Car Craft Business Firm
CC Capital Carers Organization
CC Camp Courageous Organization
CC Centro de Cancer Medical
CC Clinica Cemtro Medical
CC coefficient of correlation British Medicine
CC Clínica de Coloproctología Medical
CC Cannington College Organization
CC Clínica del Centro Medical
CC commander Government
CC Compact Computer Computer Hardware
CC Coatbridge College Organization
CC City Critters Organization
CC Carson City Coin
CC Nevada (mint mark on United States coins) Sports
CC Cricket Club Medical
CC Carewest Centers Organization
CC Corporación Caminos Organization
CC Canterbury College Country Code
CC Country Code Organization
CC Cause Communications Computer and Networking
CC Central Clinic Space Science
CC Communications Control Internet
CC C Compiler Popular
CC Claudia Cardinale Organization
CC Crafts Council British Medicine
CC courtesy call Regional Railroad
CC Chicago Central and Pacific Railroad Company Organization
CC Cross in the City Organization
CC Carpets for Communities Community
CC Community Center Medical
CC Costamed Clinic Medical
CC Carrier Clinic Organization
CC Council Connections Domain Name
CC Cocos (Keeling) Islands Military and Defence
CC Carbon Composites Accounts and Finance
CC Card Cash Organization
CC Cerveno Consulting Military and Defence
CC Component Command Organization
CC Commonwealth Coalition British Medicine
CC cervical collar Accounts and Finance
CC Cash Commodity Government
CC close-coupled British Medicine
CC cardiac cycle Organization
CC Commonwealth Corporation Organization
CC Common Cause Medical
CC Clínica de especialidades Casablanca Medical
CC Centre hospitalier de Charlevoix Medical
CC Clinique Charlemange Organization
CC Cabrini Connections British Medicine
CC Charity Commission Government
CC conventional conflict Organization
CC Chadwick Center Government
CC computer community Organization
CC Children in Crisis Computer Assembly
CC Condition Code British Medicine
CC cell culture Indian Railways
CC AC Chair Car Medical
CC Clínica del Carmen Computer and Networking
CC Conference Call Banking
CC Cash Credit British Medicine
CC community care Space Science
CC Crew Compartment Banking
CC Chief Cashier Government
CC coarse control Food
CC Chocolate Chip Internet Slang
CC Come Closer British Medicine
CC congestive cardiomyopathy Indian Railway Station
CC Curlew Clinic Organization
CC Cards for Caring Computer Assembly Language
CC Carry Clear Organization
CC Children of the Californias Organization
CC Cactus Communication Military
CC Central Control Organization
CC Computer Connect Business Firm
CC Circuit City Organization
CC Community Coalition Computer Hardware
CC Color Compensating Organization
CC Crawley College Organization
CC Churcher's College Military
CC Command Center FBI File
CC Carbon Copy Organization
CC Career Collaborative Medical
CC Camp Care Military and Defence
CC Criteria Check Maths
CC Conjugated Complex Oncology
CC Cubic Centimeter Maths
CC Complex Conjugate Organization
CC Craven College Other
CC cubic centimeters Medical
CC Chief Complaint Medical
CC Clinica Corachan Banking
CC Certified Cheque Organization
CC Cochrane Coalition Military and Defence
CC Compilation Control Organization
CC Cheltenham College Organization
CC Cosgrove Care Organization
CC Culture Change Space Science
CC Crew Certified Government
CC container code Media
CC Common Carrier Organization
CC Chichester College Government
CC central computer University
CC Colorado College Funny
CC Congress Critter Oncology
CC Cancer Center Medical
CC Charles andrew Clinic Space Science
CC Channel Controller Organization
CC Century of Compassion Organization
CC IBTEDA Foundation Government
CC Command and Control Engineering Center Medical
CC Clínica Cenne British Medicine
CC cerebral cortex Maths
CC Convexo-concave Electronics
CC Common Cathode Medical
CC Clinique Cecil Accounting
CC Credit Card Organization
CC Carlisle College Medical
CC Caswell Center Computer and Networking
CC Communication Capability field Veterinary
CC Calico Cat Computer and Networking
CC Call Control Organization
CC Cultivating Community British Medicine
CC clomiphen citrate Acedemic & Science
CC Correlation Coefficient Organization
CC Charis Circle Physiology
CC germinal center Government
CC configuration control File Type
CC Cc Language Source Code File Organization
CC Cirencester College Transportation
CC Carrying Capacity Military and Defence
CC Clearing Course Space Science
CC Chief Counsel Government
CC cluster controller Government
CC commercial consumable Organization
CC Creative Connections Organization
CC Courage Center Organization
CC Caritas Communities Networking
CC Check Cookies Law
CC Close Call Organization
CC Connections for Children Government
CC tactical command ship Organization
CC College Connection Hobby
CC Command and Conquer Organization
CC Creative Communications British Medicine
CC cholangiocarcinoma Medical
CC Clinique de Carouge Medical
CC Clínica Claristella Organization
CC Communication for Change Medical
CC Craigmont Clinic Organization
CC Christian Counseling Educational Institute
CC College Confidential Electronics
CC Chip Carrier Funny
CC Charm City Medical
CC Clínica Cumbres Popular
CC Crazy Cat Medical
CC Clinton Clinic Organization
CC Cumbernauld College Sports
CC Crew Change Maths
CC Convex Combination Organization
CC Circles of Change British Medicine
CC Cochrane Collaboration Oncology
CC Colorectal Cancer Government
CC counter-C British Medicine
CC colonic cancer Organization
CC Compassionate Cooks Spanish
CC Coalición Canaria Organization
CC Circle of Concern Medical
CC Clínica Campeche Government
CC control computer Government
CC closing coil Organization
CC Cumberland Cares British Medicine
CC creatinine clearance British Medicine
CC column chromatography Medical
CC Clínica Colima Computer Hardware
CC Cache Coherent Sports
CC Clutch Catches Military and Defence
CC Capitán De Corbeta Organization
CC Celtic Congress Organization
CC Croydon College Organization
CC Children by Choice Internet Slang
CC Cute Couple Networking
CC Courtesy Copy Business Firm
CC Chrysler Corporation Organization
CC Cabrini College Organization
CC Committee for Children Other
CC Creative Commons Organization
CC Communication Center Government
CC control center Organization
CC Counsel and Care Measurement Unit
CC Curvilinear Co-ordinates Organization
CC Congregation for the Clergy Government
CC center commander Unit of Measurement
CC Cubic Capacity Government
CC channel command Sports
CC Conference Champion Medical
CC Centre hospitalier de Chandler Organization
CC Chase Creations Organization
CC Carshalton College Organization
CC Community Catalyst Government
CC card code Government
CC closed circuit Organization
CC Camino al Cambio Government
CC common collector Hospital
CC Carson City Food
CC Canadian Club Medical
CC Calvary Center British Medicine
CC cytochrome C Government
CC customer-within-country Organization
CC Chelmsford College Organization

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