What is the Full Form of CCD? - CCD Full Form

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CCD stands for - Charge-Coupled Device in Electronics

There may be one or more meaning of CCD , so check all meanings of CCD in the CCD data table all one by one.

What is CCD Full Form in Hindi ?

The full form of CCD in Hinid is प्रभारी युग्मित डिवाइस

All CCD Full Form with category

NameFull FormCategory
CCDCharged Coupled DevicesHardware
CCDCharge-Coupled DeviceElectronics
CCDConfraternity Of Christian DoctrineReligious
CCDCharge Coupled DeviceComputing
CCDCarbonate Compensation DepthGeology
CCDCensus County DivisionUS Government
CCDCommunity Cultural DevelopmentEducation
CCDCalcite Compensation DepthPopular
CCDCommon Core DataMedia
CCDControl Circuit DiagramElectronics
CCDCivil Censorship DetachmentMilitary
CCDCredit Card DiscountBusiness
CCDControlled Current DistributionElectronics
CCDConfiguration Control DocumentMilitary
CCDComponent Coupling DiagramElectronics
CCDCell Copying DatabaseComputer Database
CCDCamouflage, Concealment, and DeceptionMilitary
CCDcharged couple deviceOther
CCDCamera Charging DeviceMeteorology
CCDChasing Catholic DamesFunny
CCDCapital Care - DickinsfieldOrganization
CCDCalamos Dynamic Convertible & Income FundNASDAQ Symbol
CCDcontinental communications divisionGovernment
CCDCouncil for a Community of DemocraciesOrganization
CCDcommand and control displayGovernment
CCDCloset Cross DresserFunny
CCDcash concentration and disbursementGovernment
CCDcharged-coupled device (see CIGovernment
CCDColony Collapse DisorderVeterinary
CCDcourse control damperGovernment
CCDcamouflage concealment and deceptionGovernment
CCDcritical component demonstrationGovernment
CCDCommunity Capital DevelopmentOrganization
CCDCafe Coffee DayCompany Name
CCDCheckout Command DecoderSpace Science
CCDcash concentration or disbursementGovernment
CCDCommunity College of DenverEducational Institute
CCDcommon category databaseGovernment
CCDConsortium Congo DevelopmentOrganization
CCDCHICHONDAIndian Railway Station
CCDCentre for the Community DevelopemntOrganization
CCDcomputer-controlled displayGovernment
CCDCollaborative Consultation DatabaseNetworking
CCD+Cash Concentration of Disbersement PlusAccounts and Finance
CCDConstant Change DisplaySpace Science
CCDcommand case directiveGovernment
CCDLos Angeles (ca)Airport Code
CCDcourse control documentGovernment
CCDCommander of Coast DefencesMilitary and Defence

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