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CD stands for - C D description

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What is CD Full Form in Hindi ?

The full form of CD in Hinid is सी डी विवरण

All CD Full Form with category

Name Full Form Category
CD C D description File Extension
CD Civil Defence Other
CD Companion Dog Pertaining to Dogs
CD Convertible Debentures Banking
CD Compact Disk Description File Type
CD cytosine deaminase British Medicine
CD Cash Disbursement Accounts and Finance
CD cyclodextrin British Medicine
CD Critical Dimension NASA
CD choline deficiency British Medicine
CD Cadmium Chemistry
CD country director Government
CD Clínica Diana Medical
CD colloidal dispersion British Medicine
CD contact dermatitis British Medicine
CD Democratic Republic of the Congo Countries
CD Coefficient of Drag NASA
CD Cable Driver Military
CD cathepsin D British Medicine
CD current dollars Government
CD cone dystrophy British Medicine
CD Compact Disc Computer Networking
CD counter-drug Government
CD Cash Discount Accounts and Finance
CD Change Directory Computing
CD Christian Dior Popular
CD Cursor Down Computer Assembly Language
CD conference on disarmament Government
CD Cannot Decide Funny
CD Central District Misc
CD caesarean delivery British Medicine
CD Combat Development Military
CD Charter of Demands Banking
CD carrier detect Government
CD Contact Discontinuity Electronics
CD Cendant Corporation NYSE Symbol
CD Counter Drug Military and Defence
CD cultural disadvantage British Medicine
CD current density Government
CD Candela NASA
CD Clínica Durango Medical
CD Compact Disk Hardware
CD Customer Direct Military and Defence
CD calendar day Government
CD computer design British Medicine
CD concept development Government
CD Congo Country Names
CD Democratic Republic of the Government
CD channel designator Telecommunication
CD Channel Delay Computer and Networking
CD Committee Draft Award or Medal
CD Canadian Forces Decoration Sports
CD Classical Dressage Physics Related
CD Computational Dynamics British Medicine
CD cardiac dysfunction Telecommunication
CD Connect Direct Government
CD case designator British Medicine
CD cell death British Medicine
CD collecting duct Mexican
CD Corriente Democrática British Medicine
CD controlled drug Government
CD circuit description Organization
CD Clothes the Deal Government
CD criticality designator British Medicine
CD canine distemper Physiology
CD Center Director Military and Defence
CD Cardiovascular Disease Military and Defence
CD Cavalry Division Maths
CD Communications Deception British Medicine
CD Cluster of Differentiation Other
CD cortical dysplasia Organization
CD Cirrus Design Other
CD Children in Distress Indian Railway Station
CD Corps Diplomatique Banking
CD Currency Deposit British Medicine
CD Contractual Data Space Science
CD celiac disease Government
CD Change Directive Organization
CD center distance Softwares
CD Challenge Day British Medicine
CD Content Distribution Military
CD coronary disease Computer and Networking
CD Control Data Military
CD Communication Device Government
CD Civil Defense Banking
CD combat developer Medical
CD Cash Deposit Transportation
CD Clínica Delicias Banking
CD Compact Design Popular
CD Caution Deposit Electronics
CD Celine Dion Business
CD Circuit Design British Medicine
CD Certificates of Deposit Internet Slang
CD cardiac disease Stock Exchange
CD Cross Dresser British Medicine
CD Certificate of Deposit British Medicine
CD conversion disorder Computing
CD cultural deprivation Government
CD Collision Detection Currency
CD cable duct Disease
CD Canadian Dollar Military and Defence
CD Current Disease Physiology
CD Canadian Decoration Business
CD Cause of Death Other
CD Career Development Space Science
CD Community Development Government
CD Command Decoder British Medicine
CD contractor definition Other
CD contagious disease Government
CD Child Development British Medicine
CD coordinating draft British Medicine
CD coeliac disease British Medicine
CD colour discrimination British Medicine
CD Crohn’s disease Government Supplier
CD carbon dioxide Government
CD Cornell Dubilier Country Specific
CD color display Measurement Unit
CD Cairo - Damascus Maths
CD Candela (luminous Intensity) Electronics
CD Clusters of Differentiation Organization
CD Capacitive Discharge Organization

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