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CD stands for - C D description

There may be one or more meaning of CD , so check all meanings of CD in the CD data table all one by one.

What is CD Full Form in Hindi ?

The full form of CD in Hinid is सी डी विवरण

All CD Full Form with category

NameFull FormCategory
CDC D descriptionFile Extension
CDCivil DefenceOther
CDCompanion DogPertaining to Dogs
CDConvertible DebenturesBanking
CDCompact Disk DescriptionFile Type
CDcytosine deaminaseBritish Medicine
CDCash DisbursementAccounts and Finance
CDcyclodextrinBritish Medicine
CDCritical DimensionNASA
CDcholine deficiencyBritish Medicine
CDcountry directorGovernment
CDClínica DianaMedical
CDcolloidal dispersionBritish Medicine
CDcontact dermatitisBritish Medicine
CDDemocratic Republic of the CongoCountries
CDCoefficient of DragNASA
CDCable DriverMilitary
CDcathepsin DBritish Medicine
CDcurrent dollarsGovernment
CDcone dystrophyBritish Medicine
CDCompact DiscComputer Networking
CDCash DiscountAccounts and Finance
CDChange DirectoryComputing
CDChristian DiorPopular
CDCursor DownComputer Assembly Language
CDconference on disarmamentGovernment
CDCannot DecideFunny
CDCentral DistrictMisc
CDcaesarean deliveryBritish Medicine
CDCombat DevelopmentMilitary
CDCharter of DemandsBanking
CDcarrier detectGovernment
CDContact DiscontinuityElectronics
CDCendant CorporationNYSE Symbol
CDCounter DrugMilitary and Defence
CDcultural disadvantageBritish Medicine
CDcurrent densityGovernment
CDClínica DurangoMedical
CDCompact DiskHardware
CDCustomer DirectMilitary and Defence
CDcalendar dayGovernment
CDcomputer designBritish Medicine
CDconcept developmentGovernment
CDCongoCountry Names
CDDemocratic Republic of theGovernment
CDchannel designatorTelecommunication
CDChannel DelayComputer and Networking
CDCommittee DraftAward or Medal
CDCanadian Forces DecorationSports
CDClassical DressagePhysics Related
CDComputational DynamicsBritish Medicine
CDcardiac dysfunctionTelecommunication
CDConnect DirectGovernment
CDcase designatorBritish Medicine
CDcell deathBritish Medicine
CDcollecting ductMexican
CDCorriente DemocráticaBritish Medicine
CDcontrolled drugGovernment
CDcircuit descriptionOrganization
CDClothes the DealGovernment
CDcriticality designatorBritish Medicine
CDcanine distemperPhysiology
CDCenter DirectorMilitary and Defence
CDCardiovascular DiseaseMilitary and Defence
CDCavalry DivisionMaths
CDCommunications DeceptionBritish Medicine
CDCluster of DifferentiationOther
CDcortical dysplasiaOrganization
CDCirrus DesignOther
CDChildren in DistressIndian Railway Station
CDCorps DiplomatiqueBanking
CDCurrency DepositBritish Medicine
CDContractual DataSpace Science
CDceliac diseaseGovernment
CDChange DirectiveOrganization
CDcenter distanceSoftwares
CDChallenge DayBritish Medicine
CDContent DistributionMilitary
CDcoronary diseaseComputer and Networking
CDControl DataMilitary
CDCommunication DeviceGovernment
CDCivil DefenseBanking
CDcombat developerMedical
CDCash DepositTransportation
CDClínica DeliciasBanking
CDCompact DesignPopular
CDCaution DepositElectronics
CDCeline DionBusiness
CDCircuit DesignBritish Medicine
CDCertificates of DepositInternet Slang
CDcardiac diseaseStock Exchange
CDCross DresserBritish Medicine
CDCertificate of DepositBritish Medicine
CDconversion disorderComputing
CDcultural deprivationGovernment
CDCollision DetectionCurrency
CDcable ductDisease
CDCanadian DollarMilitary and Defence
CDCurrent DiseasePhysiology
CDCanadian DecorationBusiness
CDCause of DeathOther
CDCareer DevelopmentSpace Science
CDCommunity DevelopmentGovernment
CDCommand DecoderBritish Medicine
CDcontractor definitionOther
CDcontagious diseaseGovernment
CDChild DevelopmentBritish Medicine
CDcoordinating draftBritish Medicine
CDcoeliac diseaseBritish Medicine
CDcolour discriminationBritish Medicine
CDCrohn’s diseaseGovernment Supplier
CDcarbon dioxideGovernment
CDCornell DubilierCountry Specific
CDcolor displayMeasurement Unit
CDCairo - DamascusMaths
CDCandela (luminous Intensity)Electronics
CDClusters of DifferentiationOrganization
CDCapacitive DischargeOrganization

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