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CDS stands for - Consejo de Seguridad in Spanish

There may be one or more meaning of CDS , so check all meanings of CDS in the CDS data table all one by one.

What is CDS Full Form in Hindi ?

The full form of CDS in Hinid is कॉन्सेजो डे सेगुरिदाद

All CDS Full Form with category

NameFull FormCategory
CDSConsejo de SeguridadSpanish
CDSCoronal Diagnostic SpectrometerNASA
CDSCorrelated Double SamplingElectronics
CDSColor Doppler SonographyHospital
CDSCrashworthiness Data SystemTransportation
CDSContinuous Deflective SeparationBusiness Position
CDSCanadian Depository for Securities LtdStock Exchange
CDSCredit Default SwapAccounting
CDSCircular Date StampHobby
CDSControlled Dangerous SubstanceLaw
CDSCockpit Display SystemBusiness Product
CDSChronic Disease StatePhysiology
CDSContainer Delivery SystemMilitary
CDSCommercial Documentation ServicesBusiness
CDSCriminal Defence Service Other
CDSCompact Digital SwitchMilitary
CDSCalifornia Dressage SocietySports
CDSCross Disciplinary SubjectUniversity
CDSCoordinated Data SystemComputer Networking
CDSCredit Default SwapsOther
CDSconceptual design studyGovernment
CDSCentre for Development StudiesOther
CDScomputer duplex systemGovernment
CDSControl Display SystemMilitary
CDSCitrix Device ServicesBusiness Firm
CDSCell Death ServerFunny
CDSCentralized Data SystemsGovernment
CDSCentre for Defence StudiesOrganization
CDSCubic Defense SystemsMilitary
CDSCranstoun Drug ServicesOrganization
CDSConstruction Drawing SubsetArchitecture
CDSComprehensive Development ServicesBusiness Firm
CDSCombat Direction SystemGovernment
CDSContinuous Deflection SeparationPhysics
CDSCongressional Descriptive SummariesGovernment
CDScockpit dynamic simulatorGovernment
CDSCapability Design SpecificationGovernment
CDSCommunity Development SocietyOrganization
CDScommand direct supportGovernment
CDScommand and decision systemGovernment
CDSCentral Data SystemSpace Science
CDScommander's data summaryGovernment
CDSChildress Muni airportRegional Airport Code
CDScontinuing design servicesGovernment
CDScontrol and display subsystemGovernment
CDScurrent directory structureGovernment
CDSCommand and Data SystemSpace Science
CDSCollision Detector SystemSpace Science
CDScountermeasure dispenser systemsGovernment
CDScontractor data sheetGovernment
CDSCongressional data sheetOrganization
CDSCommunity Development ServicesEntrance Exam
CDSCombined Defence ServicesOrganization
CDSCenter for Development and StabilitySpace Science
CDSCloseout Door SystemIndian Railway Station
CDSControl Data SystemAirport Code
CDSChildress (tx)Computer Hardware
CDSCentral Data SubsystemComputer and Networking
CDSCaller Display SignalingMilitary and Defence
CDSChief of Defence StaffComputer Hardware
CDSCentral Disk SpaceMaths
CDSCentral Difference SchemeReal Estate
CDSCul De SacStock Exchange
CDSCanadian Depository for SecuritiesMilitary and Defence
CDSLtd.Chemical Formula
CDSCorps Dressing StationMilitary and Defence

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Q ) What is the full form of CDS in Hindi?

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