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CDT stands for - Certified Document Technician

There may be one or more meaning of CDT , so check all meanings of CDT in the CDT data table all one by one.

What is CDT Full Form in Hindi ?

The full form of CDT in Hinid is प्रमाणित दस्तावेज़ तकनीशियन

All CDT Full Form with category

Name Full Form Category
CDT Certified Document Technician Business Position
CDT Compressed Data Tape Space Science
CDT central data terminal Government
CDT Central Daylight Time Time Zone
CDT Center for Democracy and Technology Organization
CDT Configuration Demonstraiton Tool Computer Software
CDT Cadet Military and Defence
CDT Countdown Time Space Science
CDT Clifton Diocesan Trust Organization
CDT Charge-discharge Transaction Electronics
CDT Certificats De Tr Stock Exchange
CDT Center for Defense Trade International Business
CDT Cable Design Technology Corporation NYSE Symbol
CDT Conceptual Data Type Computer Assembly Language
CDT Configuration Data Table Space Science
CDT Contoured Disperation Technologies Business Firm
CDT control data terminal Government
CDT Cybertron Defense Team Hobby
CDT Coreldraw Template File File Type
CDT Computer Diagnostics Test Softwares
CDT Chimney Draft Technology Technology
CDT crew duty time Government
CDT C/c++ Development Tooling (eclipse) Softwares
CDT Canadian Diamond Traders. Inc Business Firm
CDT Craft Design Technology Technology
CDT Contractor Development Test Military
CDT Current Dental Terminology Medical
CDT Convention Development Tax Local State
CDT Capabilities Description Tables Military
CDT Capabilities Description Table Military
CDT Compliance Sports
CDT Direction Softwares
CDT Takedown Electronics
CDT Configuration Demonstration Tool Computer Hardware
CDT Charge Discharge Transactions Laboratory
CDT Collaborative Design Terminal Funny
CDT Continuous Dull Time Spanish
CDT Central Down Town Organization
CDT Confederación Democrática de Trabajadores Pertaining to Dogs
CDT Centre of Democratic Transformations Business
CDT Certified Dog Trainer Computer Hardware
CDT Certificats de Trésorerie File Extension
CDT Cylindrical Diaphragm Tweeter Time Zone
CDT Template (CorelDraw) Organization
CDT Cuba Daylight Time Transportation
CDT Confederation Democratique du Travail Chemistry
CDT Controlled Departure Time Job Title
CDT Carbohydrate Depleted Transferrin Space Science
CDT Certified Derma-technician Military

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