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CID stands for - Counter Intelligence Division in Military

There may be one or more meaning of CID , so check all meanings of CID in the CID data table all one by one.

What is CID Full Form in Hindi ?

The full form of CID in Hinid is काउंटर इंटेलिजेंस डिवीजन

All CID Full Form with category

Name Full Form Category
CID Counter Intelligence Division Military
CID Clinical Infectious Diseases Other
CID computer integrated design Government
CID Center for International Development and Research Organization
CID Triangle Park NC Government
CID character identifier Telecommunication
CID Cell Identification Number Law
CID Configuration Telecom
CID Installation Transportation
CID and Distribution Unit of Measurement
CID Cell ID French
CID Critical Incident Debriefing Database Management
CID Characters Per Inch Transportation
CID Respondez S'Il Vous Plait Texting
CID Central Internet Database Government
CID Central Investigation Department Computer Hardware
CID See Identification Card Computer Security
CID configuration/ installation/ distribution Law
CID Common Intelligent Display Other
CID Card Identification Digits Computer Networking
CID Criminal Investigation Division Messaging
CID Connecticut Insurance Department Database Management
CID Crime Investigation Department Government
CID Customer Interface Device Job Title
CID Acid Certifications
CID Central Intelligent Data Space Science
CID combat intelligence division Organization
CID Chemistry Instructor Director Military and Defence
CID Certified Interior Decorators British Medicine
CID Computer Interface Device Electronics
CID Concerts for Indigent Defense Computer Networking
CID Commander's Intelligent Display US Government
CID combined immunodeficiency British Medicine
CID Charge-injection device Job Title
CID Client Information Database Police
CID U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Command Government
CID cytomegalic inclusion disease Government
CID Certified Interconnect Designer AMEX Symbol
CID Criminal Investigation Department Government
CID component identification Business Management
CID charge-injection devices Government
CID Chieftain International Chemistry
CID comprehensive interior design Real Estate
CID Contract of Indefinite Duration Airport Code
CID commercial item description Organization
CID Collision-induced Dissociation Computer Assembly
CID City Improvement District Military
CID Common Interest Development Disease
CID Cedar Rapids Ia Transportation
CID Center for the Independence of the Disabled Telecommunication
CID Compare and Ignore Data Government
CID Committee of Imperial Defence Space Science
CID Combined Immunodeficiency Disease Computer Security
CID Cubic Inch Displacement Networking
CID Call Instance Data SMS
CID communications – electronics implementation directive Computer and Networking
CID Charge Injection Device Military
CID Card Identification Digit Award or Medal
CID Cloud Infrastructure Design Government
CID Consider It Done University
CID Caller Identification Indian Railway Station
CID Combat Identification Telecom

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