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CIF stands for - Cd (compact Disk) Image File

There may be one or more meaning of CIF , so check all meanings of CIF in the CIF data table all one by one.

What is CIF Full Form in Hindi ?

The full form of CIF in Hinid is सीडी (कॉम्पैक्ट डिस्क) छवि फ़ाइल

All CIF Full Form with category

Name Full Form Category
CIF Cd (compact Disk) Image File File Type
CIF Chifeng Airport Code
CIF Common Intermediate Format Computing
CIF Graphics (Caltech Intermediate Format) File Extension
CIF Maliyet-Sigorta-Navlun Turkish
CIF Center for Immigrant Families Organization
CIF Civitan International Foundation Organization
CIF Costs Insurance and Freight Insurance
CIF Caltech Intermediate Format Graphics File File Type
CIF Central Instrumentation Facility NASA
CIF Council of International Fellowship Associations
CIF Cells In Frames Computing
CIF Cost Messaging
CIF Insurance & Freight Government
CIF cost Computing
CIF insurance Transportation
CIF and freight Banking
CIF Catalog Interchange Format Government
CIF Cost Insurance Freight Other
CIF Chronic Insufficient Funds Organization
CIF Colonial Intermediate High Income Fund Softwares
CIF customer information feed File Extension
CIF Climate Investment Funds Regional Airport Code
CIF CARICOM Investment Fund Electronics
CIF Caltech Intermediate Format Business
CIF CD Image File (Easy CD Creator) Computing Internet
CIF Chifeng airport Computing
CIF Common Interface Format Organization
CIF Crystallography Information File Accounting
CIF Comment is free Other
CIF Computer Integrated Factory Military
CIF Council for International Fellowship Military
CIF Cost Insurance And Freight Other
CIF Crystallographic Information File Military
CIF Candidate Item File Guatemalan
CIF Central Issue Facility File Type
CIF Collective Intelligence File Extension
CIF Corps Information Flow Other
CIF Centro de Integración Familiar File Extension
CIF Ventura Publisher Chapter Information File Indian Railway Station
CIF Chapter information (Ventura Publisher) US Government
CIF Common Image Format Banking
CIF IUCr Crystallographic Information File Accounting
CIF CIF Computer Hardware
CIF Creativity Index Factor Organization
CIF Collective Investment Fund Business
CIF Common Interchange Format University
CIF Component Interface Framework Military

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