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CLS stands for - Common Language Standard in Computing

There may be one or more meaning of CLS , so check all meanings of CLS in the CLS data table all one by one.

What is CLS Full Form in Hindi ?

The full form of CLS in Hinid is सामान्य भाषा मानक

All CLS Full Form with category

Name Full Form Category
CLS Chemical And Life Sciences Academic Degree
CLS Common Language Standard Computing
CLS Current Level Of Service Telecom
CLS Commercial Listing Services Business
CLS Clinical Laboratory Science University
CLS Continuous Linked Settlement Law
CLS Clinical Laboratory Scientist Business Position
CLS Contractor Logistics Support Military
CLS Celestica, Inc. NYSE Symbol
CLS Critical Legal Studies Law
CLS Conditional Least Squares Mathematics
CLS Combat Life Saver Military
CLS Certified Lotus Specialist Business Position
CLS Constrained Least Squares Mathematics
CLS Community Living Services Community
CLS Closed Loop Stimulation NASA
CLS Commercial Listing Service Business
CLS Christian Legal Society Non-Profit Organization
CLS connectionless server Government
CLS clear and subtract Government
CLS Capsule Launch System NASA
CLS Conservation Leadership School Environmental
CLS Concept Learning System University
CLS Closed Linear Span Mathematics
CLS Classroom Learning Systems Business Firm
CLS constant level signals Government
CLS Chicago Linguistic Society Other
CLS Columbia Law School University
CLS contractor logistic support Government
CLS Common Language System Computing
CLS closed loop system Government
CLS Center for Louisiana Studies University
CLS Combat Logistics System Government
CLS Class Full Form File File Type
CLS clear screen, Government
CLS Centre hospitalier de LaSalle Medical
CLS central level summary Government
CLS Chehalis (wa) Airport Code
CLS Centre hospitalier La Sarre Medical
CLS contractor-run logistics system Government
CLS Clinique de La Source Medical
CLS Visual Basic Class Module File Type
CLS Contingency Landing Site Space Science
CLS College of Liberal Studies Educational Institute
CLS Certified Leasing Specialist Certifications
CLS Contracted Logistic Support Military and Defence
CLS Certified Lubrication Specialist Certifications
CLS Clear Last Screen Computer Assembly Language
CLS contract logistic support, 13 Government
CLS Close Real Estate
CLS Conversational Language System Softwares
CLS Chicago Lifeguard Service Sports

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Q ) What is the full form of CLS in Hindi?

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