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CT stands for - Cholera Toxin in Medical

There may be one or more meaning of CT , so check all meanings of CT in the CT data table all one by one.

What is CT Full Form in Hindi ?

The full form of CT in Hinid is हैजा विष

All CT Full Form with category

NameFull FormCategory
CTCholera ToxinMedical
CTComputerized TomographyLaboratory
CTCarpal tunnelPhysiology
CTComputer TechnologyAcademic Degree
CTCritical ThinkingEducation
CTCurrent TimeTime Zone
CTCape TownRegional
CTComputed TomographyLaboratory
CTCounter TerrorismUS Government
CTCut ThroughHospital
CTContract NamesBusiness
CTCycle TimeElectronics
CTConspiracy TheoryLaw
CTCurrent TransformerElectronics
CTComputer TelephonyTelecom
CTChrono TriggerElectronics
CTCan't TalkInternet Slang
CTContinuous TimePhysics
CTContinuous ToneComputing
CTCanadian TireBusiness Firm
CTControl TowerTransportation
CTCarry ThroughComputer Assembly
CTCoral TreeBotany
CTCharles TyrwhittPopular
CTCerro TololoAstronomy
CTCommunications NameinalMilitary
CTClassical TheismReligious
CTClunky TurdsFunny
CTCool TopicsInternet Slang
CTComunión TradicionalistaSpanish
CTcomputerised tomographyOther
CTConventional TherapyPhysiology
CTChildren of the TsunamiOrganization
CTCohomological TrivialFunny
CTCinema for ToleranceOrganization
CTCru ThikFunny
CTcollective taskGovernment
CTCrawler TransporterNASA
CTcable testGovernment
CTCompletely TrippendicularInternet Slang
CTCapitb TrustOrganization
CTCazic ThuleFunny
CTCalifornia TomorrowOrganization
CTCarrefour Tiers-mondeOrganization
CTComputer TurtleFunny
CTChild TrendsOrganization
CTCollege TrackOrganization
CTClinical TrialLaboratory
CTCommunity ToolboxOrganization
CTCeramica TrustOrganization
CTCambodia TrustOrganization
CTcombat team,Government
CTCenterprise TrustOrganization
CTCharterhouse, TheOrganization
CTCholmondeleys, TheOrganization
CTClingan's TrustOrganization
CTCollege of TeachersOrganization
CTcommunications technicianGovernment
CTCountryside TrustOrganization
CTCrimestoppers TrustOrganization
CT2020 Communications TrustOrganization
CTCogni TerraOrganization
CTcollective trainingGovernment
CTcenter tapGovernment
CTcircuit theoryGovernment
CTcalendar timeGovernment
CTcontract teamGovernment
CTClínica TetlánMedical
CTcustomer test, 18Government
CTConcord TrustOrganization
CTCoodu TrustOrganization
CTCouncil of ThoughtOrganization
CTcommercial translatorGovernment
CTClínica TatóiaMedical
CTCentre de santé de TémiscamingMedical
CTClínica TorresMedical
CTChhattisgarhIndian State
CTCuramed ThabazimbiMedical
CTCustom TaxAccounts and Finance
CTIris Ct Format 32bit Bitmap GraphicsFile Type
CTComputerized TopographyAccounts and Finance
CTCardiocentro TicinoMedical
CTClinique de la TourMedical
CTCard TrustOrganization
CTCall TraceComputer and Networking
CTChannel NameinationTelecommunication
CTScitex Ct Bitmap 32bit Cmyk Bitmap Graphics (scitex Scanners)File Type
CTCHITTAPURIndian Railway Station
CTClínica TapiaMedical
CTcypher textGovernment
CTCentral Time [utc - 0600]Time
CTCaccia TerrestreMilitary and Defence
ct.CaratMeasurement Unit
CTColor TouchscreenComputer Hardware
CTCarter TurnerMaths
CTComputer NameinalMilitary and Defence
CTConsolidated TestEarth Science
CTCipher TextMilitary and Defence
CTComfort TechnologyComputer Hardware
CTCommand TableMilitary and Defence
CTClass TypeDatabase Management
CTComposite TechnologyMilitary and Defence
CTCertified TranslatorCertifications
CTControl TelemetryMilitary and Defence
CTCounter TerroristJob Title
CTCountry TeamMilitary and Defence
CTCenter TappedElectronics
CTConfederation TestMilitary and Defence
CTConverted TransactionAccounts and Finance
CTConstant NameMaths
CTContractor TestingMilitary and Defence
CTComparison TestMilitary and Defence
CTCertification TestingMilitary and Defence
CTConductivity TemperaturePhysics Related
CTCombined TestingMilitary and Defence

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