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CTC stands for - Carbon Tetrachloride in Chemistry

There may be one or more meaning of CTC , so check all meanings of CTC in the CTC data table all one by one.

What is CTC Full Form in Hindi ?

The full form of CTC in Hinid is कार्बन टेट्राक्लोराइड

All CTC Full Form with category

NameFull FormCategory
CTCCarbon TetrachlorideChemistry
CTCCalifornia Transportation CommissionOther
CTCConcord Telephone CompanyBusiness Firm
CTCChildren's Tri-CitiesMedical
CTCCommunity and Technical CollegeEducational Institute
CTCCounter Terrorism CommitteeOther
CTCConfrontational Tedious ComplainersFunny
CTCCanadian Tennis CentreSports
CTCCorner To CornerMaths
CTCCounterterrorist CenterMilitary and Defence
CTCCentralized Traffic ControlTransportation
CTCCALS technical centerGovernment
CTCPc Installer Control FileTechnology
CTCConnecticut Technology CouncilMedical
CTCCancer Treatment CenterComputing
CTCChannel To ChannelOther
CTCChrysler Technology CenterBusiness Firm
CTCCitizens Telephone CompanyCountry Specific
CTCChenoy Trade CentreElectronics
CTCCluster Tool ControllerGovernment
CTCcommand tactical consoleEducational Degree
CTCCertificate of Technical CompetenceMilitary
CTCCombat Training CenterSports
CTCCyclists Touring ClubWest Bengal Government
CTCCalcutta Tramways Company LimitedMilitary and Defence
CTCCadet Training CentreFunny
CTCCrazy Teachers CentreFunny
CTCCuts The CheckInternet Slang
CTCCare To Chat?Regional
CTCCoast To CoastBusiness
CTCCity Technology CollegeBusiness
CTCCost to companyAccounts and Finance
CTCCurrent Total CompensationRegional Airport Code
CTCCatamarca airportBritish Medicine
CTCCommunities That CareBusiness Firm
CTCCanadian Tire CorporationMilitary
CTCContract Target CostCertifications
CTCCertified True CopyOrganization
CTCCasa of Travis CountyTransportation
CTCCommunity Transportation CoordinatorBusiness
CTCCompetition Transition ChargeOrganization
CTCConsejo de Trabajadores del CaribeMilitary and Defence
CTCCargo Transfer CompanyTechnology
CTCCad Technology CenterTechnology
CTCConnection Technology CenterSpace Science
CTCCameraSpace Science
CTCand ControlOrganization
CTCCore Technical CapabilitiesBusiness Firm
CTCCoalition for Tobacco ControlSMS
CTCCornerstone Theater CompayFile Type
CTCCommunity Technology CentreUniversity
CTCCommunity Technology CentersFood
CTCCroc Termination ConditionsOther
CTCCatholic Theological CollegeSpace Science
CTCCinnamon Toast CrunchSports
CTCCombating Terrorism CenterGovernment
CTCChief Test ConductorOrganization
CTCCapture The ChickenCommunity
CTCcombat theater communicationsEnvironmental
CTCCaribbean Telecommunications CouncilBusiness
CTCCommunity Tribute ClassicEducational Institute
CTCCanadian Tourism CommissionAirport Code
CTCCommunity And Technical CollegesMilitary and Defence
CTCCentral Texas CollegeOther
CTCCombined Training CampBusiness Position
CTCClosed timelike curveBusiness
CTCCommunity Technology CenterOrganization
CTCCertified Travel CounselorFunny
CTCCorporate Tax CreditMilitary and Defence
CTCCaldwell Theatre CompanyLaw
CTCCrappy Tire CorporationBusiness
CTCCivilian Treatment CenterOrganization
CTCCentral Traffic ControlIndian Railway Station

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