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CV stands for - Crypton Vocaloid

There may be one or more meaning of CV , so check all meanings of CV in the CV data table all one by one.

What is CV Full Form in Hindi ?

The full form of CV in Hinid is क्रिप्टन वोकलाइड

All CV Full Form with category

NameFull FormCategory
CVCrypton VocaloidComputer Technology
CVCervical VertebraPhysiology
CVGrand Trunk Western Railroad IncorporatedRegional Railroad
CVFlow CoefficientPhysics
CVClinique médico-chirurgicale de ValèreMedical
CVCoding ViolationTelecommunication
CVMicrosoft Codeview Information ScreenFile Type
CVCurriculum VitaeFrench
CVCode ViolationComputer and Networking
CVCombat VehicleTransportation
CVCollateral ValueBanking
CVCanaveral Expendable Vehicles Operations DirectorateSpace Science
CVClassified VenturesMilitary
CVComputer VirusComputing
CVComputer VideoAcedemic & Science
CVCustomer ValueBusiness
CVCommissionable VolumeJob Title
CVcryptographic variableGovernment
CVClínica del VillarMedical
CVCheer for VietnamOrganization
CVChristian VisionOrganization
CVChicken VehicleFunny
CVCurrent ValueHospital
CVCampus VisitUniversity
CVCorel Versions ArchiveFile Type
CVClínica de VicMedical
CVCost VarianceMilitary
CVConstant VelocityAcedemic & Science
CVCritical ValueBusiness
CVCrown VictoriaLaw
CVComposite VideoAcedemic & Science
CVCoefficient Of VariationMathematics
CVComplete ValuationAccounts and Finance
CVCalorific ValueFood
CVClinique ValmontMedical
CVvice commanderGovernment
CVcall volumeOther
CVmultipurpose aircraft carrierGovernment
CVClinica VillaverdeMedical
CVControl VoltageElectronics
CVCompressed VideoComputer Hardware
CVComponent VersionComputer Software
CVaircraft carrierGovernment
CVcommand vehicleGovernment
CVcoefficient of variationGovernment
CVCross ValidationMessaging
CVCurriculumn VitaeIndian Railway Station
CVCAUVERYSpace Science
CVCheck ValveMilitary and Defence
CVCritical VulnerabilityUniversity
CVCurricula VitaeMilitary and Defence
CVAircraft Carrier (cruiserCountries
CVHeavier-than-air Aircraft)Organization
CVCape VerdeLaw
CVCivic VenturesMilitary and Defence
CVCode VeronicaOrganization

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