What is the Full Form of DBA? - DBA Full Form

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DBA stands for - Doing Business As in Business Firm

There may be one or more meaning of DBA , so check all meanings of DBA in the DBA data table all one by one.

What is DBA Full Form in Hindi ?

The full form of DBA in Hinid is के रूप में व्यापार कर रहा है

All DBA Full Form with category

Name Full Form Category
DBA Adjusted decibel Electronics
DBA Doing Business As Business Firm
DBA De Bellis Antiquitatis Latin
DBA Data Base Administration Computer Networking
DBA Doctor of Business Administration Academic Degree
DBA Data Block Address Computer Database
DBA Dalbandin, Pakistan Regional Airport Code
DBA Dunroven, Balaam,, and Amorehre Business Firm
DBA Dollar Bill Acceptor Business
DBA Date Book Archive Accounting
DBA Daytime Broadcasters Association Media
DBA Do Bugger All Funny
DBA Deep Brain Activity Medical
DBA Database (Turbo Prolog - DataEase) File Extension
DBA D Back Aches Funny
DBA database administration Government
DBA Dumb But Assertive Internet Slang
DBA Dollars Bubba Acquires Funny
DBA Digital Bridge Alliance Organization
DBA Dalbandin Airport Code
DBA National Housing and Community Development Law Project Organization
DBA Dutch-belgian Army Military and Defence
DBA Dfi Belgique Afrique Organization
DBA database administrator Government
DBA Direct Bus Attachment Computer Networking
DBA design basis accident Government
DBA DABRA Indian Railway Station
DBA Davis Bacon Act Government
DBA Data Base Access Computer Database
DBA Development For Better Adevencement Organization
DBA Dynamic Bandwith Assignment Computer and Networking
DBA Direct Bus Access Computer Hardware
DBA Doctorate of Business Administration Educational Degree
DBA Devlopment for Better Advencement Organization
DBA Decibels Adjusted Electronics

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Q ) What is the full form of DBA in Hindi?

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