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DDS stands for - Direct Digital Synthesizer in Electronics

There may be one or more meaning of DDS , so check all meanings of DDS in the DDS data table all one by one.

What is DDS Full Form in Hindi ?

The full form of DDS in Hinid is प्रत्यक्ष डिजिटल सिंथेसाइज़र

All DDS Full Form with category

Name Full Form Category
DDS Direct Digital Synthesis Computing
DDS Direct Digital Synthesizer Electronics
DDS Doctor Of Dental Surgery Business Position
DDS Digital Dmb Source Computing
DDS Discount Department Stores Business Firm
DDS Digital Data Service Military
DDS Digital Data Storage Computer Networking
DDS Decision Support System Computing
DDS Dillards, Inc. NYSE Symbol
DDS Data Description Specifications Computing
DDS Direct Draw Surface Business Firm
DDS Discount Dance Supply Business Firm
DDS Dark Duel Stories Media
DDS Disability Determination Services US Government
DDS Document Delivery Service Computing
DDS Dataphone Digital Service Computing
DDS Dolby Digital Sound Media
DDS Digital Dynamic Sound Media
DDS Data Full Form Specifications Computer Database
DDS Dino Death Squad Funny
DDS Dillard's, Inc. NASDAQ Symbol
DDS Deep Dive System Military
DDS Dead Divx Society Funny
DDS Distributed Database System Military
DDS Deep Dark Secrets Internet Slang
DDS Dumpy Down South Funny
DDS Dallas Day School Organization
DDS dental data system Government
DDS data display system Government
DDS Drop Dead Sexy Clothes
DDS digital display scope Government
DDS Dey Died Screaming Funny
DDS digital dynamics simulator Government
DDS Dentistry Misc
DDS Defense Dissemination System Government
DDS design data sheet Government
DDS Data Distribution System Military
DDS display and debriefing system Government
DDS distributed database services Government
DDS Data Description Structure Computer Database
DDS deployable defense system Government
DDS Digital Dong System Funny
DDS Digital Dataphone Service Government
DDS distributed data services Government
DDS digital data system Government
DDS Director of Dental Services Government
DDS document development system Government
DDS alryada for Development and Development Studies Organization
DDS Discrete Dynamic System Electronics
DDS Dak Development Society Organization
DDS Data Distribution Service Softwares
DDS DUDH SAGAR Indian Railway Station
DDS Detailed Design Specification Space Science
DDS Documentation Distribution System Space Science
DDS Dutch Demolition Squad Military and Defence
DDS Dutch Delta Squad Military and Defence
DDS dry deck shelter Government
DDS Directorate of Information Services Military and Defence
DDS Direct Digital Signal Electronics
DDS Dark Deadly Snipers Military and Defence
DDS Department of Defense support Government
DDS Deployable Disbursing System Military and Defence

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