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DG stands for - differential generator

There may be one or more meaning of DG , so check all meanings of DG in the DG data table all one by one.

What is DG Full Form in Hindi ?

The full form of DG in Hinid is विभेदक जनरेटर

All DG Full Form with category

Name Full Form Category
DG differential generator Government
DG Descanso Gardens Organization
DG Dalton Gardens Medical
DG Death Goddess Other
DG Don't Go Transportation
DG double-groove Government
DG Deutsche Grammophon Other
DG Data General Business Firm
DG Display Generator Space Science
DG Director General (medical Services) Military and Defence
DG Dancers' Group Organization
DG Darling Girl Amateur Radio
DG Dangerous Goods Business Product
DG David Gilmour Popular
DG diode gate Government
DG Donald Goines Other
DG Dog-Gone Funny
DG Double Gun Military
DG Destiny Guardian Religious
DG Diesel Generator Electronics
DG Documentation Guideline US Government
DG DINDIGUL JN Indian Railway Station
DG director general Government
DG Drafting Group Computer and Networking
DG data file utility Government
DG Discussion Groups Internet Slang
DG Dig Grave Business
DG Dei Gratia Latin
DG Duke Gastroenterology Medical
DG Development Gateway Organization
DG Don't Get .... SMS
DG Distributed Generation Electronics
DG Dollar General Corporation NYSE Symbol
DG Daniel Gautier Popular
DG Dumm Gelaufen German
DG Delta Gamma Community
DG District Governor Toastmaster
DG Double Glazing Real Estate
DG Desigram Turkish
DG Deep Ground Electronics
DG Deborah Gibson Other
DG Dynamic Goal Business
DG Defense Guidance Military
DG Default Gateway Networking
DG Département action sociale et santé- Geneve Medical
DG Disability Gateshead Organization
DG Directorate General Other
DG Double Garage Real Estate

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