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DM stands for - Data Management in Ocean Science

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What is DM Full Form in Hindi ?

The full form of DM in Hinid is डेटा प्रबंधन

All DM Full Form with category

Name Full Form Category
DM Davis Monthan Military
DM Data Management Ocean Science
DM Diabetes Mellitus Physiology
DM Deductive Method Maths
DM Data Mining Computing
DM Dee Mentia Funny
DM Degree of Methylation Measurement Unit
DM decision making Government
DM Doctor of Medicine (engl.) Educational Degree
DM Deep Mine Earth Science
DM Diaper Master Funny
DM Decision Maker Business Position
DM Dipole Moment Chemistry
DM Directory Management Softwares
DM decimal multiply Government
DM Digital Management Business Management
DM data mark Government
DM Defect Management Electronics
DM Dream Maker Other
DM Dispensaire Matimekosh Medical
DM Download Map Softwares
DM Discourse Marker Stock Exchange
DM Dos Margaritas Organization
DM Diesel Mechanical Military and Defence
DM Direct Message Twitter
DM Disk Manager Softwares
DM demonstration manager Government
DM Death Metal Music
DM Determinate Meaning Maths
DM Dacarm Mission Organization
DM day month year Government
DM Dermatomyositis Medical
DM District Magistrate Business Position
DM Data Manipulation Computing
DM decimeter Government
DM Document NASA
DM David Mayo Popular
DM Disassembly Manual Space Science
DM Deutsche Mark German
DM District Manager Job Title
DM Data Missing Business
DM Delta Modulation Telecommunication
DM Myotonic Dystrophy Human Genome
DM director of management Government
DM Dram (dynamic Random Access Memory) Module Electronics
DM Data Medium Computer Hardware
DM Depeche Mode Other
DM Digital Media Medical
DM Disability Management Business Management
DM Daughters of Mary Organization
DM Definitely Martin Funny
DM Dutch Master Business Position
DM Desktop Manager Softwares
DM Double Mode Computer Assembly Language
DM Dominion Midstream Partners, LP NASDAQ Symbol
DM Dominica Countries
DM Dungeon Master Business Position
DM Delivery Maturity Stock Exchange
DM Defect Mode Softwares
DM Don't Mind Messaging
DM Direct Manipulation Computer Assembly Language
DM Dumb Master Funny
DM Diaconessenhuis Meppel Medical
DM Direct Mail Business
DM Divine Minds Organization
DM Deligne-mumford Stack Maths
DM Distributed Memory Computing
DM German Mark (deutsche Mark) Banking
DM Depleted Mantle Earth Science
DM Doctor of Management Academic Degree
DM data memory Government
DM Display Medium Computer Hardware
DM Dry Matter Chemistry
DM Diabetes Management Other
DM data manager Government
DM data modulation Government
DM Deferred Maintenance Military
DM Development Motor Space Science
DM Direct Marketing Business
DM dental medicine Medical
DM DIMOW Indian Railway Station
DM Desperation Move Sports
DM Dark Matter Astronomy
DM Drosophila Melanogaster Physiology
DM Decreto Ministeriale Italian
DM Differential Mode Computer and Networking
DM Drink Maker Job Title
DM Dark Mistress Job Title
DM Display Manager Job Title
DM Dragon Maulers Job Title
DM Data Model Computer Database
DM Doctorate of medicine Academic Degree
DM Direct Material Accounts and Finance
DM Dye Matrix Colors
DM Doesn't Matter Internet Slang
DM Distance Measured Physics Related
DM Duke Mammography Medical
DM Display Message Computer Assembly Language
DM Dialog Machine Computer Hardware
DM Debit Margin Accounts and Finance
DM decimetre Unit of Measurement
DM Donohue Mansfield Organization
DM demonstration manager, 16 Government
DM Deligne-Mumford stack Mathematics
DM Docking Mechanism Space Science
DM light minelayer Government
DM discard message Government
DM Distance Modulus Maths
DM Display Memory Computer Assembly Language
DM Dextromethorphan Hydrobromide Chemistry
DM Death Match Sports
DM Draw More Computer Assembly
DM Density Matrix Mathematics
DM Design that Matters Organization
DM Detection and Monitoring Military and Defence
DM Daughters of Our Lady of Mercy Organization
DM directorate of ADPS management Government
DM Development Management Business
DM depot maintenance Government

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