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DMS stands for - Department Of Media Study in University

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What is DMS Full Form in Hindi ?

The full form of DMS in Hinid is मीडिया अध्ययन विभाग

All DMS Full Form with category

Name Full Form Category
DMS Destroyer Minesweeper Military
DMS Department Of Media Study University
DMS Degrees Minutes And Seconds Unit of Measurement
DMS Database Management System Computing
DMS Data Management System Computer Assembly
DMS Database Managed Storage Hardware
DMS Dimethylsulfide Ocean Science
DMS Defense Mapping School US Government
DMS Diminishing Manufacturing Sources Military
DMS Dilute Magnetic Semiconductor Electronics
DMS Digital Message Switch Military
DMS Digital Media System Computer Software
DMS Digital Multiplex System Computing
DMS Deep Multicolor Survey NASA
DMS Distributed Make System Computer Software
DMS Digital Media Station Computer Software
DMS Digital Media Storage Hardware
DMS Defense Message System Military
DMS Documentation Management System Military
DMS Digital Matrix Switch NASA
DMS Display Manager System Computing
DMS defense missile systems Government
DMS Demobilization Station Military
DMS Data Management Service Business
DMS data monitoring system Government
DMS Diversified Management Services Business Firm
DMS high speed minelayer Government
DMS Distributed Matrix Structures Mathematics
DMS digital mass storage Government
DMS Disk Masher System Funny
DMS data management software Government
DMS Defense medical services Government
DMS Don't Mean Shit Internet Slang
DMS documentation of molecular spectroscopy Government
DMS Doc Martens Skinheads Funny
DMS digital mapping system Government
DMS Defence Medical Services Medical
DMS Document Management System Government
DMS domestic military sales Government
DMS Direct Molded Soles Shoes
DMS Compressed Amiga File Archive (diskmasher) File Type
DMS Diploma In Management Studies Educational Degree
DMS Deutsche Malaga Syntax Softwares
DMS Defense Materials System, 19 Government
DMS Dell Movie Studio Softwares
DMS Dimethyl Sulfide Chemistry
DMS Don't Mean Squat Military and Defence
DMS Defense Meteorological System Military and Defence
DMS data multiplexer sub-unit Government
DMS Default Menu System Softwares
DMS Docking Module Sub-system Space Science
DMS Division of Mathematical Sciences (nsf) Maths
DMS Director Medical Services Military and Defence
DMS Dynamic Motion Simulator Space Science
DMS Distributed Monomial System Maths
DMS Dig More Stones Earth Science
DMS Docking Mechanism System Space Science
DMS Distribution Management System Telecommunication
DMS Digital Multiplexing Switch Electronics
DMS Document Management Software Softwares
DMS Director of Military Support Military and Defence

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