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DOR stands for - Drop On Request in University

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What is DOR Full Form in Hindi ?

The full form of DOR in Hinid is अनुरोध पर ड्रॉप करें

All DOR Full Form with category

Name Full Form Category
DOR Dori, Burkina Faso Regional Airport Code
DOR Drop On Request University
DOR Dynastic Organ Revitaliser Physiology
DOR Department of Revenue (Washington) Law
DOR Date Of Release Military
DOR Deadly Orgone Rays Funny
DOR Endorex Corporation AMEX Symbol
DOR Display Order Record Computing
DOR Diocese of Rochester Other
DOR date of rank Government
DOR Dropped On Request University
DOR DUNDARA Indian Railway Station
DOR Dori Airport Code
DOR Daughters Of Rebecca Religious
DOR Duke Otolaryngology of Raleigh Medical
DOR Data Object Repository Softwares
DOR due out release Government
DOR Drop On Recall Pertaining to Dogs
DOR Detailed Outage Report Telecommunication
DOR Dori airport Regional Airport Code
DOR Day of Rest Messaging
DOR District of Residence Job Title

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Q ) What is the full form of DOR in University ?
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Q ) Is DOR acronym or abbreviation?
Q ) Full Details of DOR
Q ) What is the full form of DOR in Hindi?

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