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DP stands for - Development Plan in Military

There may be one or more meaning of DP , so check all meanings of DP in the DP data table all one by one.

What is DP Full Form in Hindi ?

The full form of DP in Hinid is विकास योजना

All DP Full Form with category

NameFull FormCategory
DPDevelopment PlanMilitary
DPDecisive PointMilitary and Defence
DPDisplay PictureSMS
DPData PulseComputer Hardware
DPDefensive PointsMilitary and Defence
DPdevelopment proposalGovernment
DPdew pointGovernment
DPDominicans of the PresentationOrganization
DPDesign ProofSpace Science
DPDeveloper's PreviewSoftwares
DPdisopyramide phosphateBritish Medicine
DPDodge PointsSports
DPDataphile Data FileFile Type
DPDegree of PermeabilityChemistry
DPDescriptive PolarityElectronics
DPdecision packageGovernment
DPDigital PlaygroundOther
DPDrill PipeGeology
DPdermal papillaBritish Medicine
DPDecision PointMilitary
DPdata protectionInternet
DPDot PitchOther
DPdeparture pointGovernment
DPDouble PointsSports
DPDead PixelOther
DPDepository ParticipantStock Exchange
DPDigital PhotographyMisc
DPdue processLaw
DPDistributed ProcessingComputer Networking
DPDixon PlaceOrganization
DPDirector Of PhotographyBusiness Position
DPparachute driftGovernment
DPDelhi PolicePolice
DPDiamond PearlOther
DPdeflection plateGovernment
DPData PrivacyComputer Security
DPdementia praecoxBritish Medicine
DPdiazepamBritish Medicine
DPDirectorate for Policy Support (dia)Military and Defence
DPDesign ParametersPhysics Related
DPDrunken PandaFunny
DPdesmoplakinBritish Medicine
DPDelayed ProcurementSpace Science
DPDoctor of PharmacyBritish Medicine
DPDharma PublishingOrganization
DPDonway PlaceMedical
DPData PacketComputer Networking
DPDrawing PackageMilitary and Defence
DPDepartment Plans OfficeMilitary and Defence
DPDuke PsychiatryMedical
DPDual ProcessorComputing
DPDual PurposeMilitary
DPDouble PenetrationMilitary
DPDon't ParticipateSports
DPThor Database Primary Data FileFile Type
DPDial PulsingTelecommunication
DPDouble PostOther
DPDraft ProposalComputing
DPDry ProcessChemistry
DPDefine PropertyComputer Assembly Language
DPDiagnostic ProgramSoftwares
DPDarkroom ProductionsOrganization
DPDel PlayaOther
DPDynamic ProfileNetworking
DPDevelopers PackageSoftwares
DPdata packageGovernment
DPDesign PerformanceBusiness
DPdistribution pointGovernment
DPDrop PointTelecommunication
DPDecimal PlacesUnit of Measurement
DPdisruptive patternGovernment
DPdevelopment planGovernment
DPdrum processorUS Government
DPDisplaced PersonsMedical
DPDurham PediatricsMilitary and Defence
DPDisplaced Person Dp Parachute DriftIndian Railways
DPDuty Pass QuotaMilitary and Defence
DPDiametral PitchNetworking
DPDecentralized PeripheralMilitary
DPDynamic PositioningOther
DPDouble PrecisionFile Type
DPDaily Planner Calendar FileChemistry
DPDifferential PressureMedical
DPDufferin PlaceComputer and Networking
DPDial PulseGovernment
DPdeep penetrationGovernment
DPdemarcation pointAccounting
DPDown PaymentOther
DPDual PowerReal Estate
DPDisplaced PeopleGovernment
DPdiametrical pitchOther
DPdouble playsMedical
DPdorsalis pedisInternet Slang
DPDigital PerformerSports
DPDragon PunchComputer and Networking
DPData PumpGovernment
DPdirector of personnelSports
DPDouble PlayOther
DPDomestic PartnerAfrican
DPDemocratic PartySpace Science
DPDeployable PayloadPlasctic
DPDegree Of PolymerizationOrganization
DPDanspace ProjectOther
DPDiploma ProgrammeUS Government
DPDisplaced PersonGovernment
DPdeliberate planningPhysics Related
DPDynamically PositionedGovernment
DPdefense programsComputer Hardware
DPDesign PrototypeEducational Degree
DPDoctor of PaediatricsOther
DPDeath PenaltyBritish Medicine
DPData ProcessingBritish Medicine
DPdegree of polymerisationSpace Science
DPDevelopment PhasePhysiology
DPDiastolic PressureBritish Medicine
DPdementia pugilisticaOther
DPDanny PhantomFunny
DPDarren's PagePhysics Related
DPData PointComputer Networking
DPData PacketsGovernment
DPdouble poleComputing
DPDynamic ProgrammingGovernment
DPdisk packBritish Medicine

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