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DP stands for - Development Plan in Military

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What is DP Full Form in Hindi ?

The full form of DP in Hinid is विकास योजना

All DP Full Form with category

Name Full Form Category
DP Development Plan Military
DP Decisive Point Military and Defence
DP Display Picture SMS
DP Data Pulse Computer Hardware
DP Defensive Points Military and Defence
DP development proposal Government
DP dew point Government
DP Dominicans of the Presentation Organization
DP Design Proof Space Science
DP Developer's Preview Softwares
DP disopyramide phosphate British Medicine
DP Dodge Points Sports
DP Dataphile Data File File Type
DP Degree of Permeability Chemistry
DP Descriptive Polarity Electronics
DP decision package Government
DP Digital Playground Other
DP Drill Pipe Geology
DP dermal papilla British Medicine
DP Decision Point Military
DP data protection Internet
DP Dot Pitch Other
DP departure point Government
DP Double Points Sports
DP Dead Pixel Other
DP Depository Participant Stock Exchange
DP Digital Photography Misc
DP due process Law
DP Distributed Processing Computer Networking
DP Dixon Place Organization
DP Director Of Photography Business Position
DP parachute drift Government
DP Delhi Police Police
DP Diamond Pearl Other
DP deflection plate Government
DP Data Privacy Computer Security
DP dementia praecox British Medicine
DP diazepam British Medicine
DP Directorate for Policy Support (dia) Military and Defence
DP Design Parameters Physics Related
DP Drunken Panda Funny
DP desmoplakin British Medicine
DP Delayed Procurement Space Science
DP Doctor of Pharmacy British Medicine
DP Dharma Publishing Organization
DP Donway Place Medical
DP Data Packet Computer Networking
DP Drawing Package Military and Defence
DP Department Plans Office Military and Defence
DP Duke Psychiatry Medical
DP Dual Processor Computing
DP Dual Purpose Military
DP Double Penetration Military
DP Don't Participate Sports
DP Thor Database Primary Data File File Type
DP Dial Pulsing Telecommunication
DP Double Post Other
DP Draft Proposal Computing
DP Dry Process Chemistry
DP Define Property Computer Assembly Language
DP Diagnostic Program Softwares
DP Darkroom Productions Organization
DP Del Playa Other
DP Dynamic Profile Networking
DP Developers Package Softwares
DP data package Government
DP Design Performance Business
DP distribution point Government
DP Drop Point Telecommunication
DP Decimal Places Unit of Measurement
DP disruptive pattern Government
DP development plan Government
DP drum processor US Government
DP Displaced Persons Medical
DP Durham Pediatrics Military and Defence
DP Displaced Person Dp Parachute Drift Indian Railways
DP Duty Pass Quota Military and Defence
DP Diametral Pitch Networking
DP Decentralized Peripheral Military
DP Dynamic Positioning Other
DP Double Precision File Type
DP Daily Planner Calendar File Chemistry
DP Differential Pressure Medical
DP Dufferin Place Computer and Networking
DP Dial Pulse Government
DP deep penetration Government
DP demarcation point Accounting
DP Down Payment Other
DP Dual Power Real Estate
DP Displaced People Government
DP diametrical pitch Other
DP double plays Medical
DP dorsalis pedis Internet Slang
DP Digital Performer Sports
DP Dragon Punch Computer and Networking
DP Data Pump Government
DP director of personnel Sports
DP Double Play Other
DP Domestic Partner African
DP Democratic Party Space Science
DP Deployable Payload Plasctic
DP Degree Of Polymerization Organization
DP Danspace Project Other
DP Diploma Programme US Government
DP Displaced Person Government
DP deliberate planning Physics Related
DP Dynamically Positioned Government
DP defense programs Computer Hardware
DP Design Prototype Educational Degree
DP Doctor of Paediatrics Other
DP Death Penalty British Medicine
DP diphosphate Military
DP Data Processing British Medicine
DP degree of polymerisation Space Science
DP Development Phase Physiology
DP Diastolic Pressure British Medicine
DP dementia pugilistica Other
DP Danny Phantom Funny
DP Darren's Page Physics Related
DP Data Point Computer Networking
DP Data Packets Government
DP double pole Computing
DP Dynamic Programming Government
DP disk pack British Medicine

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