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DRDO stands for - Defense research and development organization

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What is DRDO Full Form in Hindi ?

The full form of DRDO in Hinid is रक्षा अनुसंधान और विकास संगठन

DRDO Full Form

DRDO full form is a Defense Research and Development Organization. under the Ministry of Defence’s Defense Research Department. Its work focuses on strengthening self-reliance in defense systems and developing advanced weapons systems.

About DRDO

The Defense Research and Development Service (DRDS), is India’s largest and most diverse research organization. with a network of 52 laboratories dedicated to developing defense technologies in various fields.

such as aerospace, weapons, electronics, land combat, life sciences, materials, missiles, and marine systems.

It currently has more than 5,000 scientists and 25,000 other technical staff. It is operated by the Indian Government Ministry of Defense and provides research and development in its 52 laboratories.

The DRDO focuses on strengthening autonomy in defense systems by designing, developing, and producing world-class weapons systems and equipment that meet the quantitative and qualitative requirements of the three services.

Various areas of work include aviation, armaments, combat vehicles, electronics, instrumentation, technical systems, missiles, materials, and naval systems.

DRDO has developed missile weapons, light warplanes, radar, and many electronic warfare systems to bolster the military.

DRDO Mission

The mission is to develop advanced sensors, weapons systems, and allied equipment for the country’s defense services. DRDO designs, maintains, and implements the latest sensors, weapon systems, platforms, and equipment for defense services worldwide.

Goals of DRDO

The DRDOs aim to make India more prosperous by providing a world-class scientific and technological base to provide the country’s defense services. a decisive advantage by providing competitive systems and solutions.

DRDO’s firm commitment to making the country stronger and more independent in military science and technology.

DRDO Services

  • Aeronautics
  • weapons
  • electronics,
  • combat vehicles
  • technical systems
  • instrumentation
  • missiles
  • advanced computer simulation
  • specialized materials
  • marine systems
  • Life sciences
  • education
  • Information systems and agriculture.
  • These are part of the DRDO network.

An extensive program is underway to develop missile weapons, light fighter aircraft, radar systems, and electronic warfare systems.

Other technologies and significant progress has been made on several of these technologies.

Many of the major weapons technology programs for missiles, light combat aircraft, radar systems.

and electronic warfare systems have been designed to achieve significant developments.

DRDO Full Form FAQs

Q. When DRDO started.

A. In 1958, DRDO was started. 

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