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DSC stands for - Defensive Space Control in Military and Defence

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What is DSC Full Form in Hindi ?

The full form of DSC in Hinid is रक्षात्मक अंतरिक्ष नियंत्रण

All DSC Full Form with category

Name Full Form Category
DSC Defensive Space Control Military and Defence
DSC Deferred Sales Charge Accounting
DSC delivery source code Government
DSC Disable Smooth Curves Business Product
DSC Direct Servo Connection Mathematics
DSC Digital Setting Circle Academic Degree
DSC Doctor of Science Regional Airport Code
DSC Dschang airport Media
DSC Document Structure Convention Space Science
DSC Dedicated Signal Conditioner Organization
DSC Deep Springs College File Extension
DSC Description file Government
DSC Defense Supply Center Space Science
DSC Data Separator Card Other
DSC Daytona State Medical
DSC Doctor of Surgical Chiropody Computer Database
DSC Document Structuring Commands Airport Code
DSC Dschang Organization
DSC Danish Save the Children Electronics
DSC Direct Servo Control Telecom
DSC Digital Selective Calling Sports
DSC Dynamo Soccer Club NASA
DSC Dynamic Stability Control File Type
DSC Discard File (oracle) Organization
DSC Development Study Centre Education
DSC Direct Self Control Government
DSC document structuring conventions Government
DSC Defense Space Council Organization
DSC Diocesan Service Corps Other
DSC Daytona State College Sports
DSC Detroit Sportsmen's Congress Organization
DSC Discovery Science Center Geology
DSC Displacement Shift Complete Government
DSC deliberate security compromise Medical
DSC Dr. Sunny’s Clinic Electronics
DSC Dynamic Squelch Control Networking
DSC Data Stream Compatibility Physiology
DSC Differential Scanning Calorimeter Physiology
DSC Differential Scanning Calorimetry Award or Medal
DSC Distinguished Service Cross Military and Defence
DSC Dutch Sniper Clan Accounts and Finance
DSC Designated Secured Creditor Government
DSC direct side-force control Accounting
DSC Debt Service Coverage Government
DSC digital scan converter Electronics
DSC Digital Signal control Government
DSC Depot Support Concept Computer Software
DSC Debian Source Control Computer and Networking
DSC DECT Standard Cipher Business Product

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