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EC stands for - East Central in Regional

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What is EC Full Form in Hindi ?

The full form of EC in Hinid is पूर्व मध्य

All EC Full Form with category

Name Full Form Category
EC Eastern Caribbean Regional
EC East Central Regional
EC Exceptional Children Acedemic & Science
EC Eastern Cape Regional
EC European Community International Business
EC Electrical Conductivity Electronics
EC European Commission Police
EC Electronic Cash Accounting
EC Commission of the European Communities United Nations
EC Early Childhood Education
EC Executive Committee Toastmaster
EC Economic Cooperation International Business
EC Electronic Communications Electronics
EC Education Code University
EC Electronic Commerce Accounting
EC Energy Conservation Business
EC Economic Community Regional
EC Emergency Contraception Physiology
EC Ecuador Countries
EC Election Commission US Government
EC Electron Capture Chemistry
EC Enzyme Commission Human Genome
EC Engineering Center University
EC Electronic Combat Military
EC Engineering Change Electronics
EC Extra Credit University
EC Ethnic Cleansing United Nations
EC Elizabeth City Local State
EC epithelial cell British Medicine
EC Eugene Celebration Other
EC Electronic Check Accounting
EC Edgar Casey Popular
EC environmental control British Medicine
EC Electronic Classroom Education
EC Encryption Control Computer Security
EC Esquerra Catalana Spanish
EC Eugenia Collier Popular
EC Error- Checking version of Preprosessed GOC source code file (Geoworks) File Extension
EC Evangelical Christian Other
EC eosinophilic cystitis British Medicine
EC Engine Control NASA
EC E-cadherin British Medicine
EC Estat Catala Spanish
EC eccentric contraction British Medicine
EC echocardiography British Medicine
EC Escherichia coli British Medicine
EC ethyl chloride British Medicine
EC esophageal cancer British Medicine
EC esophageal carcinoma British Medicine
EC electrocautery British Medicine
EC electrochemical British Medicine
EC ethics committee British Medicine
EC Enemy Combatant Military
EC excitation-contraction British Medicine
EC exfoliative cytology British Medicine
EC Earth Council Organization
EC emphysematous cystitis British Medicine
EC endocervical British Medicine
EC Earthcare Connections Organization
EC external capsule British Medicine
EC eye color Medical
EC enteric coating British Medicine
EC Ecology Center Organization
EC enterococci British Medicine
EC Ecopetrol S.A. NASDAQ Symbol
EC Entertaining Comics Funny
EC experimental control British Medicine
EC E+Co Organization
EC Earth Celebrations Organization
EC EarthCorps Organization
EC Earthwatch Chicago Organization
EC extracellular British Medicine
EC EcoCorps Organization
EC Educate the Children Organization
EC Eden Clubhouse Organization
EC Esperanza Center Organization
EC Edgewood Center Organization
EC Elat Chayyim Organization
EC Eliot Community Organization
EC endothelial cell British Medicine
EC Emergency Communities Organization
EC EnCompass Organization
EC Endangered Coast Organization
EC Escalier Consulting Organization
EC The Explorers Club, United States Organization
EC Epsom College Organization
EC Eastbourne College Organization
EC Easton College Organization
EC Eccles College Organization
EC Edgehill College Organization
EC Elmwood College Organization
EC Environment California Organization
EC Environmental Campaigns Organization
EC Equinox Care Organization
EC Eton College Organization
EC Every Child Organization
EC Europe Conservation Organization
EC equipment custodian Government
EC European Centre Organization
EC Entente Council Organization
EC eddy current Government
EC electronic calculator Government
EC Engineers Corps Government
EC error correcting Government
EC Exeter College Organization
EC earth coverage Government
EC Eagle Creek Medical
EC engine change Government
EC Error Correction Computer and Networking
EC error control Government
EC European Community, 15 Government
EC Error Control (TR-29) Computer and Networking
EC enhanced C Government
EC Echo Control Computer and Networking
EC embedded computer Government
EC survivability and endurance Government
EC EarthCare Organization
EC Everyday Child Organization
EC Eldon Clinic Medical
EC Elgin Clinic Medical
EC Emory Clinic Medical
EC essentiality code Government
EC Evanston Clinic Medical
EC Evesham Clinic Medical
EC Electronic Chart Electronics
EC Echo Canceled Computer and Networking
EC Entropy Coding Telecommunication
EC Echo Canceler Computer and Networking
EC Ellensburg Center Medical
EC Exchange Carriers Computer and Networking
EC Enhanced Cellular Telecommunication
EC Echo Cancelling Telecommunication
EC Electronic Control Softwares
EC Embedded Controller Electronics
EC Electro-conductivity Electronics
EC Experiment Computer Space Science
EC Equipment Controller Electronics
EC Extension Counter Banking
EC Executive Chairman Banking
EC Encumbrance Certificate Banking
EC Extra Cheap Accounts and Finance
EC Ethyl Carbonate Chemistry
EC Element Contractor Space Science
EC Events Coupler Space Science
EC Eye Candy Job Title
EC Entry Course Military and Defence
EC Effingham County Country Specific
EC Erase Character Computer Assembly Language
EC Edge Constraint Maths
EC Exterior Command Military and Defence
EC Equivalence Checking Maths
EC Excelsior College Educational Institute
EC The Exchange Correlation Stock Exchange
EC Endurocross Sports
EC Events Controller Space Science
EC Enemy Capability Military and Defence
EC Electoral College Educational Institute
EC Engine Cutoff Space Science
EC Elimination Communication Military and Defence

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