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ED stands for - Emily Dickinson in Popular

There may be one or more meaning of ED , so check all meanings of ED in the ED data table all one by one.

What is ED Full Form in Hindi ?

The full form of ED in Hinid is एमिली डिकिंसन

All ED Full Form with category

NameFull FormCategory
EDEmily DickinsonPopular
EDExtrusion DirectionChemistry
EDEUCOM directiveGovernment
EDengineering demonstrationGovernment
EDengineering dataGovernment
EDEarly DecisionJob Title
EDEntertainment DirectorChemistry
EDEdged DiluteNames and Nicknames
EDEmmanuel DanielGovernment
EDexploratory developmentFile Type
EDEditor Temporary File (ms C)Electronics
EDEnterprise DevelopmentUnited Nations
EDExtreme DemocracyMilitary and Defence
EDEvaluation DirectiveHardware
EDEngineering DesignPhysiology
EDEarly DeathJob Title
EDEditorBusiness Position
EDEarnings DifferenceMilitary
EDEngineering DevelopmentComputer Security
EDEncryption DeviceUniversity
EDEncyclopedia DramaticaGovernment
EDelectronic digital data acquisitionGovernment
EDexplosive deviceUniversity
EDEnglish DepartmentIndian Railway Station
EDERODE JNAccounting
EDExposure DraftLaw
EDEnforcement DroidGovernment
EDevent dispatcherMilitary and Defence
EDEffective DistanceReligious
EDEternal DarknessPhysiology
EDErectile DysfunctionMilitary
EDEvolutionary DevelopmentOrganization
EDExcellent DevelopmentJob Title
EDErotic DancerPhysics Related
EDElement DistinctnessComputer Hardware
EDEnclosed DustOrganization
EDEmpowering DemocracyEducation
EDExtremely DisappointingSpace Science
EDEditJob Title
EDEnvironmental DirectorMilitary
EDEffective DateNASDAQ Symbol
EDConsolidated Edison IncLaw
EDExtra DescriptionComputer Hardware
EDExtra-high DensityPhysiology
EDEhlers-Danlos SyndromeElectronics
EDEodem DieComputer Hardware
EDElectrostatic DeflectorElectronics
EDEffective DiameterMilitary
EDEarly DeploymentFunny
EDEducation DroidPhysiology
EDEating DisorderSpace Science
EDEngineering DirectiveBusiness Position
EDEnterprise DirectorGovernment
EDerase displaySpace Science
EDEdge DistanceLocal State
EDEminent DomainOrganization
EDEducation for DevelopmentNames and Nicknames
EDEctodermal DysplasiaPhysiology
EDEmergency departmentPhysics
EDElectron DiffractionMilitary and Defence
EDEnvelope DelayCommunity
EDEconomic DevelopmentOrganization
EDEuroDefenseBusiness Position
EDExecutive DirectorPhysics Related
EDExpanded DiscriminationNYSE Symbol

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