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EM stands for - Exametre

There may be one or more meaning of EM , so check all meanings of EM in the EM data table all one by one.

What is EM Full Form in Hindi ?

The full form of EM in Hinid is परीक्षा

All EM Full Form with category

Name Full Form Category
EM Exametre Measurement Unit
EM Exameter Measurement Unit
EM Electrical Manufacturing Business
EM emergency management team Government
EM event management Guatemalan
EM Escuela Marista Other
EM Eddie Murphy Government Supplier
EM ElectroMechanical NASA
EM Expect Maximum Electronics
EM Enterprise model Ocean Science
EM Energy Movement Military
EM Enlisted Man NASA
EM Energy Maneuverability Business Position
EM Extra Mechanic Other
EM Emerging Markets Organization
EM Environment Electronics
EM Maine Organization
EM Engineering Manual Community
EM Earth Ministry NASA
EM ethnic minority Measurement Unit
EM Engineering Model Military
EM Eighteen Millimetres Organization
EM Electricians Mate Physiology
EM Entity Mission Government
EM Electron Microscope Government
EM Equipment Maintenance and Performance Reporting System Organization
EM electro-mechanical Other
EM European Mobility Regional Railroad
EM Electronic Mail Electronics
EM Edgemoor and Manetta Railway Government
EM Electromagnetic Medical
EM energy management Telecom
EM Extendicare - Mayerthorpe Electronics
EM Element Manager University
EM Electromigration Space Science
EM Engineering Mechanics Government
EM Exception Monitor Chemistry
EM expanded memory Banking
EM Elevated Moisture Military
EM Equitable Mortgage Organization
EM Enlisted Men Banking
EM EntreMundos Computing
EM English Mortgage Government
EM End of Medium Law
EM evaluation model Accounting
EM English Mother Government
EM Electronic Money NASA
EM emission pump Government
EM External Module Government
EM electrical metallic tubing Spanish
EM environmental management Government
EM Estado Mayor Government
EM emphasized Government
EM engineering memorandum Organization
EM equipment management tool Other
EM Emmanuel Music Military and Defence
EM Effective Microorganisms Other
EM Executive Manager Electronics
EM Extended Memory Organization
EM Electron Microscopy Organization
EM Enlightened Markets Organization
EM Enkidu Mexico Government
EM Extraordinary Musicians Other
EM electronic module Physiology
EM English Market NASA

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