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ER stands for - enhanced radiation in Government

There may be one or more meaning of ER , so check all meanings of ER in the ER data table all one by one.

What is ER Full Form in Hindi ?

The full form of ER in Hinid is बढ़ाया विकिरण

All ER Full Form with category

NameFull FormCategory
ERenhanced radiationGovernment
ERemergency receiverGovernment
ERelectrorheologyBritish Medicine
EREarth ResourceMeteorology
EREndoplasmic ReticulumPhysiology
ERElectro RheologicalMilitary
EREver ReadyMilitary
ERemergency departmentBritish Medicine
ERErieGovernment Supplier
ERexcision repairBritish Medicine
ERElectronic ReserveMilitary
EREmergency RuleGovernment
ERElizabeth RichardsOther
EReffectiveness reportGovernment
ERExpected RunsMilitary and Defence
ERElectrode RodElectronics
EREngineered for RacingSports
EREstrogen receptorLaboratory
ERElastic RecoilPhysics Related
ERExcess ReservesBanking
ERestradiolBritish Medicine
ERequipment repairGovernment
EREva RescueSpace Science
EREastern RangeNASA
ERExternal RelationsInternational Business
ERElectronic RelationshipsInternet Slang
EResophageal ruptureBritish Medicine
EREastern RailwayIndian Ministry of Railways
ERenvironmental reportGovernment
EREuropean RussiaRegional
ERExternal RotationPhysiology
EREvent RegistrationSports
EREmergency RescueCommunity
EREntity RelationshipComputing
EREldad RanchOrganization
EREvent RefereeSports
ERestablished reliabilityGovernment
EREnhanced ResponsePhysiology
ERembryonal rhabdomyosarcomaBritish Medicine
EREl RescateOrganization
EREnglish RussianRegional 2 Letter LanguageCode
ERevoked responseBritish Medicine
EREmergency ResponseUS Government
ERExtended ResponseMilitary
ERExplanation ReportSpace Science
ERequipment readinessGovernment
EREureka RecyclingCommunity
EREarthquake ReliefBusiness Position
EREasily ReplacedComputer Assembly Language
ERExamine RegisterOther
EREarned RunsBritish Medicine
ERepiregulinBritish Medicine
ERepigastric regionBritish Medicine
ERER alphaPhysiology
EREmergency roomGovernment
ERecho rangingAccounting
ERExplicit RateBritish Medicine
ERepoxy resinChemistry
ERElectron ReflectometerMedical Physics
ERElectrical ResistanceMilitary
ERExtended RangeChemistry
EREkologu i RiSports
ERExtra ReceiverOther

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