What is the Full Form of ETS? - ETS Full Form

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ETS stands for - Employment And Training Services in Business

There may be one or more meaning of ETS , so check all meanings of ETS in the ETS data table all one by one.

What is ETS Full Form in Hindi ?

The full form of ETS in Hinid is रोजगार और प्रशिक्षण सेवाएं

All ETS Full Form with category

NameFull FormCategory
ETSEuropean Telecommunication StandardComputing
ETSEmployment And Training ServicesBusiness
ETSEducational Testing ServiceBusiness Firm
ETSEnvironmental Tobacco SmokeUS Government
ETSEducational Testing ServicesUniversity
ETSEducational Travel ServicesBusiness Firm
ETSEmily The StrangeFunny
ETSElite Tactical SquadMilitary
ETSEnd Of Transmission SignalTelecom
ETSExcited Triplet StateElectronics
ETSEuropean Tanning SystemsBusiness Firm
ETSExpiration of Name of ServiceMilitary
ETSEndoscopic Thoracic SympathectomyPhysiology
ETSEuropean Trusted ServicesBusiness Firm
ETSEuropean Telephone SystemMilitary
ETSExtraction Tracking StandardsLaboratory
ETSEnd Name of ServiceMilitary
ETSEnd The SlaughterFood
ETSExtended Trading SecuritiesStock Exchange
ETSelectronic telegraph systemGovernment
ETSElectronic Traction SystemTransportation
ETSEvil Testing SystemFunny
ETSExpect To SailTransportation
ETSenvironmental technical specificationsGovernment
ETSElectron Transport SystemBotany
ETSEmissions Trading SchemeMeteorology
ETSElectrician's Theme SongFunny
ETSEuropean Thermoelectric SocietyOrganization
ETSEssential Truth StudyReligious
ETSestimated time of separationGovernment
ETSelectronic tandem switchingGovernment
ETSElectron Transport ChainBotany
ETSenvironmental test specificationGovernment
ETSEvil Testing SatansReligious
ETSEvil Testing SerpentReligious
ETSErlang Name StorageSoftwares
ETSeconometric time seriesGovernment
ETSengagement training simulatorGovernment
ETSEquivalent Time SamplingSoftwares
ETSemergency temporary standardGovernment
ETSengineering technical servicesGovernment
ETSEuropean Telecommunications Standard (ETSI)Computer and Networking
ETSEurope Trading ServicesMessaging
ETSElectrical Test SetSpace Science
ETSEngineering Tool SoftwareSoftwares
ETSexperimental test siteGovernment
ETSExternal Tank SystemSpace Science
ETSEast Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong KongCountry Specific
ETSEstimated Time To SailMilitary and Defence
ETSEnterprise (al)Airport Code
EtSEthyl SulfateChemistry
ETSEnterprise Technology ServicesTechnology
ETSEnterprise Translation ServerNetworking
ETSEnergy Transfer SystemSpace Science
ETSEducation Technology ServicesTechnology

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Q ) What is the full form of ETS in Hindi?

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