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IBM stands for - I Buy Maxtor

There may be one or more meaning of IBM , so check all meanings of IBM in the IBM data table all one by one.

What is IBM Full Form in Hindi ?

The full form of IBM in Hinid is मैं मैक्सटर खरीदता हूं

All IBM Full Form with category

Name Full Form Category
IBM I Buy Maxtor Funny
IBM It Beats Me Funny
IBM Intimidated By Microsoft Computing
IBM It's Better Manually Funny
IBM Indian Business Management Messaging
IBM I Bike Moab Funny
IBM Instant Bug Machine Funny
IBM Internet Bandwidth Muliplexed Networking
IBM Intercontidental Ballistic Missle Military and Defence
IBM Isn't Betsy Marvelous Funny
IBM I'm By Myself Internet Slang
IBM Intentionally Bettering Many Funny
IBM Incredible Barfing Man Funny
IBM International Brotherhood of Magicians Misc
IBM I Be Masturbatin Funny
IBM Imbeciles Believing in Mediocrity Funny
IBM I'd Buy Macintosh Funny
IBM I Blame Mathematics University
IBM Incompetent Baltimore Moron Funny
IBM Intelligence Behind Machines Funny
IBM Idiot Behind the Machine Funny
IBM I Bought Monday Funny
IBM Individual- Based Model Ocean Science
IBM International Business Machines Corporation NYSE Symbol
IBM I'ze Better'n Most Funny
IBM I'm Becoming Mac Funny
IBM I Borrow Macintoshes Funny
IBM I've Been Moved Business
IBM I Buy Macintosh Funny
IBM Important Bone Monster Funny
IBM Inferior But Marketable Business
IBM Intercourse Beats Masturbation Funny
IBM Inclusion Body Myositis Physiology
IBM It Breaks Monthly Funny
IBM I Blame Microsoft Funny
IBM Ibn Battuta Mall Dubai Community
IBM I Buy Memory Funny
IBM I'm Being Mended Funny
IBM International Business Machines Computing
IBM Intel Bill Macintosh Funny
IBM I'll Buy Macintosh Funny
IBM I Bought Macintosh Funny
IBM I'm Bummed Majorly Funny
IBM Ibm London Stock Exchange
IBM Irreparable Bad Memory Funny
IBM Itty Bitty Machine Funny
IBM I Bought A Macintosh Funny
IBM I've Been Misled Business
IBM Inconsiderate Boneheaded Move Sports
IBM Incredibly Bad Machine Funny
IBM Itty Bitty Minds International Business
IBM Inadequate But Marketable Internet Slang
IBM It's Big Money Funny
IBM Compressed File Archive (internal Ibm Only) File Type
IBM International Bad Marking Funny
IBM It Be Mine Funny
IBM Intelligent Business Machines Funny
IBM Incredible Business Maiden Job Title
IBM I've Been Mugged Law
IBM Interstate Bank Mart Banking
IBM It's Broken Funny

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