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IBM stands for - I Buy Maxtor

There may be one or more meaning of IBM , so check all meanings of IBM in the IBM data table all one by one.

What is IBM Full Form in Hindi ?

The full form of IBM in Hinid is मैं मैक्सटर खरीदता हूं

All IBM Full Form with category

NameFull FormCategory
IBMI Buy MaxtorFunny
IBMIt Beats MeFunny
IBMIntimidated By MicrosoftComputing
IBMIt's Better ManuallyFunny
IBMIndian Business ManagementMessaging
IBMI Bike MoabFunny
IBMInstant Bug MachineFunny
IBMInternet Bandwidth MuliplexedNetworking
IBMIntercontidental Ballistic MissleMilitary and Defence
IBMIsn't Betsy MarvelousFunny
IBMI'm By MyselfInternet Slang
IBMIntentionally Bettering ManyFunny
IBMIncredible Barfing ManFunny
IBMInternational Brotherhood of MagiciansMisc
IBMI Be MasturbatinFunny
IBMImbeciles Believing in MediocrityFunny
IBMI'd Buy MacintoshFunny
IBMI Blame MathematicsUniversity
IBMIncompetent Baltimore MoronFunny
IBMIntelligence Behind MachinesFunny
IBMIdiot Behind the MachineFunny
IBMI Bought MondayFunny
IBMIndividual- Based ModelOcean Science
IBMInternational Business Machines CorporationNYSE Symbol
IBMI'ze Better'n MostFunny
IBMI'm Becoming MacFunny
IBMI Borrow MacintoshesFunny
IBMI've Been MovedBusiness
IBMI Buy MacintoshFunny
IBMImportant Bone MonsterFunny
IBMInferior But MarketableBusiness
IBMIntercourse Beats MasturbationFunny
IBMInclusion Body MyositisPhysiology
IBMIt Breaks MonthlyFunny
IBMI Blame MicrosoftFunny
IBMIbn Battuta Mall DubaiCommunity
IBMI Buy MemoryFunny
IBMI'm Being MendedFunny
IBMInternational Business MachinesComputing
IBMIntel Bill MacintoshFunny
IBMI'll Buy MacintoshFunny
IBMI Bought MacintoshFunny
IBMI'm Bummed MajorlyFunny
IBMIbmLondon Stock Exchange
IBMIrreparable Bad MemoryFunny
IBMItty Bitty MachineFunny
IBMI Bought A MacintoshFunny
IBMI've Been MisledBusiness
IBMInconsiderate Boneheaded MoveSports
IBMIncredibly Bad MachineFunny
IBMItty Bitty MindsInternational Business
IBMInadequate But MarketableInternet Slang
IBMIt's Big MoneyFunny
IBMCompressed File Archive (internal Ibm Only)File Type
IBMInternational Bad MarkingFunny
IBMIt Be MineFunny
IBMIntelligent Business MachinesFunny
IBMIncredible Business MaidenJob Title
IBMI've Been MuggedLaw
IBMInterstate Bank MartBanking
IBMIt's BrokenFunny

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