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IC stands for - Indus Consortium in Organization

There may be one or more meaning of IC , so check all meanings of IC in the IC data table all one by one.

What is IC Full Form in Hindi ?

The full form of IC in Hinid is इंडस कंसोर्टियम

All IC Full Form with category

NameFull FormCategory
ICIndus ConsortiumOrganization
ICInspiration CorporationOrganization
ICIntensive CarePhysiology
ICInsane ClownFunny
ICimmunoconjugateBritish Medicine
ICIndoor CyclingSports
ICIntegrated CoachTransportation
ICinterrupt controllerGovernment
ICinstruction counterGovernment
ICImport CouplingSoftwares
ICIncentive CompensationAccounts and Finance
ICIndependent ConsultantJob Title
ICInterface CertificationMilitary and Defence
ICInternal CodeComputer Assembly Language
ICInteractive CSoftwares
ICIndustry CanadaComputer and Networking
ICinvasive candidiasisBritish Medicine
ICImperial CollegeUniversity
ICIce ClimbersBusiness Position
ICinitial contactGovernment
ICInformation and CommunicationAcademic Degree
ICintermittent catheterisationBritish Medicine
ICInfluence CurvePhysics Related
ICichthyosisBritish Medicine
ICImpact CapitalOrganization
ICImpedance CoupledElectronics
ICIron CurtainMisc
ICIntegrity ConstraintMaths
ICImum CoeliLatin
ICInformation CenterSpace Science
ICInternet ConnectionNetworking
ICInterexchange CarrierComputer and Networking
ICimpulse conductorGovernment
ICInsert CharacterComputer Assembly Language
ICIndex of CoincidenceMaths
ICimplementation conventionGovernment
ICIndiana CountyLocal State
ICIntermediate ConclusionMaths
ICischaemic cardiopathyBritish Medicine
ICintertheater CGovernment
ICInput CaptureComputer Hardware
ICIntercomputer CommunicationSpace Science
ICIon-exchange chromatographyPhysics
ICIndia and ChinaMisc
ICInitial ConditionSpace Science
ICinstrument calibrationBritish Medicine
ICintracranialBritish Medicine
ICIn (this) CaseMaths
ICinternal capsuleBritish Medicine
ICItchen CollegeOrganization
ICIllinois Central Railroad CompanyRegional Railroad
ICIdentity CrisisPsychology
ICinput circuitGovernment
ICI SeeInternet Slang
ICInstituto CervantesOrganization
ICinfectious colitisBritish Medicine
ICInsulation ContactComputer Hardware
ICIndividual ContributorJob Title
ICIndex CatalogueLibrary
ICIndirect CalorimetryPhysics Related
ICionisation chamberBritish Medicine
ICInstrument ComputerComputer Hardware
ICInk CylinderComputer Hardware
ICIncident CommanderMilitary
ICinfrastructure committeeGovernment
ICInternational CommunityCommunity
ICInformation CriterionDatabase Management
ICinstalled capacityGovernment
ICInstruction CountComputer Assembly Language
ICintelligence collectionGovernment
ICIds CanariasOrganization
ICIrish ConnectionsOrganization
ICIndustry CompatibleComputer Hardware
ICintercept centerGovernment
ICischaemic colitisBritish Medicine
ICIncremental CostSpace Science
ICImage ConverterSoftwares
ICintegration contractorGovernment
ICIndependency CheckDatabase Management
ICinsular cortexBritish Medicine
ICInvestment CouncilElectronics
ICinfantile colicBritish Medicine
ICin chargeGovernment
ICIntermediate Cross-connectTelecommunication
ICInterlink CareOrganization
ICInsolvency CertificateBanking
ICinvasive cancerBritish Medicine
ICInput ChunkDatabase Management
ICinformed consentLaw
ICinternal connectionGovernment
ICIndependence CenterOrganization
ICIntelligence CenterGovernment
ICinterface controlGovernment
ICinsulated conductorsGovernment
ICInternal ControlAccounts and Finance
ICImage ComponentSoftwares
ICIdentification CodeNetworking
ICIndependent ChallengeSports
ICIon ChamberSpace Science
ICInter-computerSpace Science
ICIntegrated CircuitComputing
ICCOMSEC packageGovernment
ICintermittent claudicationBritish Medicine
ICIn CharacterInternet Slang
ICInvestors' CircleOrganization
ICIndependent ContractorJob Title
ICInter ContinentalMilitary and Defence
ICIniciativa per CatalunyaSpanish
ICInternal CombustionPhysics
ICintegrated chipGovernment
ICI CanInternet Slang
ICIgnore CaseComputer Assembly Language
ICIon ChromatographyElectronics
ICintegrating commandGovernment
ICIn ChatInternet Slang
ICinterior communicationsGovernment
ICinhaled corticosteroidsBritish Medicine
ICintelligence communityGovernment
ICIndiana CodeLaw
ICInter-communicationsSpace Science
ICinferior colliculusBritish Medicine
ICInvestment CompanyStock Exchange
ICInvestment CounselorJob Title
ICInterim ChangeSpace Science
ICInternational ClinicMedical
ICinterventional cardiologyBritish Medicine
ICInformation CriteriaComputing
ICImpairment CombinationComputer and Networking
ICInsulation CompatibleElectronics
ICIf CaseComputer Assembly Language
ICIntercomSpace Science
ICinterim changeGovernment

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